Epic Eric – Review

If you’d have said to me ‘Scott, review this iOS game for me?’ I could have groaned at you and told you I have better things to do… like anything else. But then I downloaded Epic Eric whilst sat in Starbucks and it was really fun! I ended up sat there two hours later, my coffee had gone cold, and then missed two stops on the tube back to home because I was transfixed on this little man in a fancy suit of armour. Who’da thunk?

Picture this… You’re picnicking with your princess (or prince, work with me here), just chilling, planning trips to the Cape, having a few mimosas, and out of nowhere a dastardly fiend with a shiny black helmet comes and snatches your princess (or prince) away from you and drops them off at the top of a super high Rapunzel-esque tower with no doors, and the only way to rescue your lovely counterpart is to swing on cogs, be flicked into the air by barber-shop signs and slide down poles into the arms of your fair maiden. (Think physics but cuter!)

Epic Eric is exactly this. It has sort of a less-infuriating-than-Mario-but-kinda-like-Mario feel to it, meaning it’s super colourful and pretty, you have 3 stars to collect in each level and that your princess will always be in another castle crying out for the sweet, tender touch of her prince, but the villainous black knight is always ready in his airship to snatch up your doting lady-friend and plonk her off in another tower. What a misogynist-bastard!

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Your princess, who I’m going to call Florence for easy reference, is super judgey. You can tell she loves you and wants to be rescued by you, but if you don’t get all 3 stars, you ain’t getting none of those sweet, sweet regal apples! Maybe just a favour… Or a handkerchief.  So you better get those damn stars, because Florence was brought up in a very different castle than you and won’t settle for a stable boy street urchin who can only grab one piece of bling before giving up. She likes shiny things… Like a magpie… But with salon fresh hair. You may feel like “Who is she to judge me? She doesn’t even have eyebrows”, but just go with it.

The game is hugely enjoyable and it took me a good few hours to finish all 3 main worlds that the game starts with, including getting the majority of the stars, so it’s well worth the download. There’s a normal world, then a super sweet cupcake world (see what I did there? I know, I’m pretty special), and then a frosty ice world. The next world is “coming soon” and I really, REALLY hope it’s soon because it was fabulous!

You can get Epic Eric from the iPhone App store.