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So I have previously given you two lots of Cosplay related hotness – I think it may well be time for a third. This time I’m focusing completely on League of Legends cosplay, mostly because I spend a lot of my free time playing it. Pictured in the banner above is Alessandro Pugliese as Yasuo : The Unforgiven, who also has a massive selection of other cosplay that you can find on DeviantArt here.

Below are two unknowns. I scoured the web but couldn’t find who they were. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly about Malzahar the Prophet of the Void that makes people want to go topless, but at Vada we are perfectly okay with that.

LoL cosplay malzahar

In my first Cosplay article, I included someone dressed as Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer. Well it’s my article and Ezreal is who I play, so here he is again. This time it’s Erendrym from Paris. You can find his DeviantArt page here.

LoL cosplay Ezreal 2

As Ezreal is who I spend most of my time on League of Legends playing as, I thought it best to include the my least favourite character to go up against. This is Private_Kaisser an amazing cosplayer from America. On the left Lucian the Purifier my most hated Rival and on the right Yasuo. No matter my feelings on Lucian, this guy is an amazing cosplayed. Find him on Facebook here.

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LoL cosplay Lucian Yasuo

What would Vada be without a bit of gender bending (have you seen my co-director’s weave)? Okageo is an absolutely amazing cosplayer from California. Here he is dressed as a male version of Jinx the Loose Cannon. Just for comparison I added in the actual artwork for Jinx in the second image. Check out his other amazing cosplay work on Facebook here.

LoL cosplay jinxLoL cosplay Jinx 2

Is that a gun on your shoulder or are you just happy to see me? Sorry I couldn’t help myself! This is Italian cosplay Otters and his rendition of Graves the Outlaw. Check out his Facebook page for more pics here.

LoL cosplay Graves

To finish off, how about a bit of topless action? I searched but couldn’t find out who these guys were – but I’m sure you will enjoy them all the same. On the left is Tryndamere the Barbarian King and oiled up on the right is Pantheon the Artisan of War who, like Malzahar, wears more clothing in the game.

LoL cosplay Pantheon


So does this amazing cosplay make you want to go out and try League of Legends for yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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