Legends of Gaming to come to Alexandra Palace

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Over the years Alexandra Palace has played host to a number of different events. From hosting Led Zeppelin, Miss World and even a visit from enduring pop diva Bjork, there has never been a shortage of great things happening at this historic Venue.

Now in September 2015, this historic setting will be visited by a different kind of community as the creme-de-la-creme of british gaming YouTubers are set to invade the city for Legends of Gaming 2015, which this year is being sponsored by powerhouse retailer GAME, and broadcasting service.

The event itself will be taking place from 4-6 September, with guests having the opportunity to get their hands on the latest game releases and hardware.

In fact Legends of Gaming are even promising a number of UK first play opportunities, making this a perfect destination for anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of gaming.

As if that wasn’t enough to get your inner gamer quivering with anticipation, some of YouTube’s best British gamers will face off in a special online tournament leading up to the massive live event later this year.

Some of the personalities named include ComedyShortsGamer, AshleyMarieeGaming and Dan the Diamond Minecart to name but a few!

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For a full list of Legends of Gaming’s participants and to book tickets to their live events go to their website and check out some of the videos of our competitors.

Personally, we love this one of Syndicate who must have the most expressive face of any gamer we have ever seen!

You can also follow some of the contenders’ exploits by following Legends of Gaming on their YouTube channel.

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