Players get the VIP treatment for online games

Simon Blish

Increasingly, online games are offering their own reward programs or VIP schemes to maintain loyalty and give something back to players who are investing time and money in the games. Whether it be tokens for games such as Pokemon Go or even online casinos such as Magical Vegas, players return time and time again when they see value in their own continued financial contributions.

VIP players naturally expect preferential treatment. They know how much their custom is valued when they bring in money and they expect their online gaming experience to be worth the cash they have spent. Players usually look for a matched service according to their own lifestyle – whether they’re avid monster-hunters or cool dice-rollers. These loyalty programs are vital to the health of games with paid elements.

Generally a high amount of revenue is generated from a relatively small base of high roller players. These core VIP players must be treated accordingly and should not be considered the same as your average player. Thus gaming companies should offer diverse programs and complimentary merchandise rewards based on loyalty recognition strategies. Nowadays you’ll find a lot of gaming sites using customer relationship management elements and dedicated VIP assistants that gather information to aid database construction instead of the more traditional offline programs which do not target key players or provide appropriate rewards for deserving players.

Benefits offered to gamers include dedicated VIP managers, loyalty points exchanged for cash bonuses or prizes, daily freebies, prize draws, time-limited double or triple points offers, free credits, VIP-only special promotions and tournaments with exceptional prizes, and even the ability for VIP players to be the first ones to try the latest games.

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