#WATCH: Dark Souls III: True Colors of Darkness Trailer

Samuel Alexander

Dark Souls is making a return to its former glory in just over a month’s time with the hotly anticipated Dark Souls III. Developer FromSoftware has just dropped the latest trailer for all fans of self-punishment, and it’s a bit of a strange one…

When I think of Dark Souls, I think of hours of torturous gameplay – constantly losing my progress and screaming at the screen. As a student I can confirm it’s a series that’s actually much more stressful than either of my degrees. So, the song ‘True Colors’ doesn’t really spring to mind …

And yet, this eerily ethereal cover somehow works. A voice dripping with melancholy, Faux Fix transforms this hopeful melody into something much more sinister and befitting of the Dark Souls universe.

It comes across as ‘look-our-series-is-doing-well-enough-that-we-can-afford-proper-trailer-music-now’ (remember Bloodborne’s Cut You Down trailer?) and that, despite Dark Souls‘ very serious tone, FromSoftware isn’t trying to take things too seriously. They can crack a little pre-launch juxtaposition joke here and there.

However, we all know what we’re really here for – yes, we want more glimpses into the new Dark Souls gameplay! We’ve seen enough by now to know that Dark Souls III has definitely taken a chunk out of Bloodborne to inspire its faster gameplay style.

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This trailer delves deeper, showing off some of the twisted and haunting monstrosities that’ll take us back to our time hunting in Bloodborne. It’s wonderful to see that Dark Souls III won’t be letting us down when it comes to variety in locations – from the foreboding halls of crumbling castles to the blood soaked streets of condemned cities, Dark Souls III is serving us more of what we’ve come to love: death, destruction and darkness.

Take a look at the True Colors of Darkness below…

Dark Souls III will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam on April 12 2016. 

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