Watch: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 trailer

If you played Resident Evil: Revelations last year, you’ll know that it was the best game in the Resi series since Leon went to that odd-marked European country to rescue the President’s whiney daughter from a Las Plagas-infected cult with flesh-eating tendencies in Resident Evil 4. You also should have loved it because it was brilliant and tense and thrilling, and Jill was in it too!

Well hold onto your rocket launchers, boys and girls, because a sequel has been announced! And for an early 2015 release! Oh lord!

Yes, it turns out that the rumours are true-mours! God bless Capcom.

Whispers were heard last week but any request for comment was declined until now, and the confirmation has also come with a concept teaser trailer that shows a little girl running in slow-mo through a party with people laughing and drinking until they start turning into oozing degenerates that look super pissed off. The ‘infected’ people also have very noticeable glowing red wristbands, which will clearly be a plot point.

It has been confirmed however that the story wont revolve around Jill and Chris, which although makes me sad (because Chris’ big arms make me happy), intrigues me because the story is under wraps and I want it nowwwwww!

Accompanying the new teaser is a piece of gruesome artwork that is in true Resi fashion, a creepy as hell eyeball that albeit is a stunning piece of work, looks like it’s boring into my very core of my being.

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You can watch the teaser here: