The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Expansion Pack Review


October marks the release of the new expansion pack for The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, which sees a whole new 10-plus hour quest line for Geralt to grapple with.

Your newest adversary is a ruthless bandit with the power of immortality and a particularly hipster aesthetic, half-shaved head and ginger emo fringe to boot, following a favour from a mysterious man who rescued you from perdition after you killed a member of the royal family. Olgierd Von Everec is the bad man in question and I actually kinda like him as far as targets go. He has attitude as opposed to the usual evil villain shtick.

We also meet another of Geralt’s past squeezes, Shani, a feisty lady who can hold her own and resist Geralt’s rough and ready charms that I’d have given into in a millisecond. She has a stronger constitution than I do and for that I applaud her! We first meet her in the sewers under Oxenfurt whilst investigating a monster that is killing women which turns out to be a giant toad that spits out poisonous puss balls from its back, but that’s by the by.

Once more I’m in love with Geralt and it’s so good to have him back in my hands (pun intended) for another adventure. The expansion has a main story line offering over 10 hours’ play time, along with a host of new side quests and treasure hunts, and a whole new enhancement service.

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Runewords (brought to the shores of Middle Eastern-looking distant travellers called the Novigrad) enhance your equipment and armour to provide extra perks that existing spells, potions, oils and decoctions can’t provide.

If you need a bit more Geralt in your life, and you need an excuse to play MORE Witcher 3 (because it’s brilliant) this is it!

You can download the expansion pack from the PSN store or in shops and you’ll get a redeem code. You’re welcome.