Gaydar’s New Mobile Web Service – Review

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Really another gay app? Well those were my thoughts when placed with the task of reviewing Gaydar’s new addition to the multitude of gay hookup and dating sites. Gaydar Mobile is basically a custom mobile site to complement their desktop site and existing apps.

Admittedly I’m one of the many gay guys that has signed up to so many gay sites and installed so many gay apps that the majority of them go completely unused, so the thought of another site or app felt almost slightly exhausting. However, I must admit that of the various gay dating websites I’ve stumbled on and off, Gaydar has consistently looked the nicest. It seems to have given the most thought to visual design and encouraging more detailed profiles, which in turn sets a different tone to many of the other gay sites out there. Gaydar has the same sort of tone as perhaps a long-lived gay club where they can get away with charging drinks at eyebrow raising prices, whereas other sites often feel more like badly lit bars where everything goes cheap, although really both may be a means to the same end. So I thought I’d give their mobile site a fair try and see if it at least looked as good as its parent site.

So I took the plunge, grabbed my Gaydar login details and leapt into Gaydar’s new mobile site. I have to admit it’s by far not the worst of these type of sites, but unfortunately it’s not one of the best either. Although I found the site looked a bit bitter on a tablet than on my smartphone, visually this was, in contrast to its parent site, a completely unexciting experience with a definite preference for function over form. However, if you spend a while on the site you start to appreciate how well everything functions. It’s impressive how close to an actual mobile app this site feels. Photo, video and location sharing are all extremely straight forward, and when talking to people on the site, messages were able to bounce back and forth fairly quickly. Unfortunately the content of the messages was the real problem, and as with most of these type of apps and sites the problem isn’t the site, it’s the people.

While letting one of my friends play around with the site I received my first message, sexy Adonis asking me out on a date or seducing me into a night of passion? No, someone older than the sun asking me if I was into role play and if I wanted “a blowjob from a cheeky daddy who likes to dress like a sexy mummy” – I promptly blocked his profile. And although not everyone I used the site to speak to was perhaps quite so ‘unique’ I quickly remembered why I increasingly spend less and less time on gay dating apps and sites. This plague of horny keyboard warriors is nothing new and has been around since the start of instant messaging of any sort, but sometimes it can be overwhelming in these small digital spaces where the local gay men are pretty much mapped out around you and yet still remain anonymous enough that many feel no need to filter anything they say through the normal social etiquette you would expect.

I was soon receiving unprovoked pictures of less than attractive willies and asses spread akimbo along with badly spelt invitations for sex, and would often check my messages wondering if I had somehow surged in popularity overnight only to find the same person had decided that if I hadn’t responded to their first message I obviously needed ten more to make sure I knew just how serious they were in their pursuit of ass.

So although the site itself wasn’t the worst in the world I probably won’t be using it much if at all again after this review, because unfortunately you can update a site as much as you want but you can’t update the people on it. Having said that I may have a date next week as a result of my week spent testing the site, so if you can take the weirdos and bad grammar with a pinch of salt like on every other site, there really is no reason not to give it a try, even if it’s just for a laugh I guess.

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