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Magic mirror on the wall, which mobile operating system is the gayest of them all? Well, read on my darling and you shall see.

To determine the most gay friendly mobile operating system (OS) each OS will be judged in three main sections: apps, customization and privacy.


No gay OS is complete without access to many queer related apps out there – and that number is rising upwards.  Here we have a breakdown of the most common gay applications along with the OS where they are available.

OS App Comparison

Best:  Android and iOS

If you are looking for new friends, a date or a “boyfriend” (for the night) using apps, Android and iOS are leaps and bounds the best mobile OS available, all of the major gay related applications are available for both Android and iOS.  I am a fan of trying new things, so why not download of the apps and figure out which one you like the best (and delete the rest).

Worst:  BB 10 and Windows Phone

For both BlackBerry and Windows Phone users, many apps are missing, though Bender is available for all of the OS – thank you for not discriminating!  If you need to have your gay related apps, you may want to steer clear of these two OS for the time being.

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NOTE:  If you do not have anything on your mobile device which compromises your Christianity (or your choice of religion), you can skip the section on privacy.

Privacy should be a concern for everyone, but even more so for those who take nude torso selfie photos at the gym (or those other photos showing your private… food porn).  If you hesitate before giving your phone to someone else before seeing your photos, you may want to read on.

While all of the OS offer applications which allow you to hide your photos, via an application which locks your photos, only Blackberry 10 and Android offer file managers (a feature coming to Windows Phone 8.1).

Best:  Android

Android Gallery

In addition to apps and file manager capabilities, the “Gallery” app allows you to hide complete folders without the need for an application, which allows you to quickly toggle folders on and off, making the sharing process a lot easier for the aforementioned apps to make new friends (with benefits).  You will have to toggle the folders on and off to share the photos within the hidden folders.


When it comes to customization, each OS offers some level of making your phone – your own.  The least friendly OS is BB 10, which only offers standard customization; such as, changing the lock screen and the screen saver.  Next up, is iOS, which surprisingly offers very little amount of customization, its quite similar to BB 10 in the amount of limited options.

My favorite OS is now Windows Phone 8.1 (which will be released to the general public around mid-June) , which offers the above customization, but also much more, now you´re able to change your lock screen based on your Facebook pictures, and you can also change the background of your icons.  I love my home screen #fierce.

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Windows Phone 8.1

In terms of customization, Android takes the cake, downloading an app or a launcher allows you to change every single aspect of your phone, from the home screen, lock screen, font, icons, alarms, and even change the functions of the home button, not to mention widgets!

Winner: Android

The combination of privacy settings, access to applications and the ability to customize nearly all aspects of the look of your device makes Android the gayest OS.  mmmkay!

Do you agree with our decision?  Do you have any questions about how to customize your phone?  Post them in the comments!

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