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Grindr is all set to have a brand new update across iOS and Android devices which will include a brand new streamlined look and feel and a few new features to ‘improve’ the service.

The ‘new’ Grindr is designed to place a greater emphasis on the profile picture of a user and only allow users to get at each others vital statistics when they open up the profile element on another screen. When users do so they are treated to a more elegant and user friendly image showing all the same stats we know and love. The system now also sports an estimated travel time allowing users to see how long it would take to get to potential meets.

A spokesman for Grindr explained the reasoning for the new look service in an email to The Huffington Post, saying “The update is part of Grindr’s continued focus on speed and simplicity when looking to meet guys and this new profile will make it easier than ever.” They even offered a glimpse of this new look in screen grabs which we have provided below.

o-GRINDR-570 o-GRINDR-570-1

This new look Grindr comes after a similar update in 2013 which added a brand new look to the app since it originally launched in 2009. The new features included at the time, the use of tribes to let users identify as groups such as Bear, Jock, Twink and Trans and the ability to filter results based on tribe and age.

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The latest update is expected to roll out to users this summer.

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