Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

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Fans of Loki in Young Avengers now have a new series to devote their time to. As an agent of Asgard, Loki trades his good deeds for one of his more wicked actions being expunged from Asgard’s records. It’s an interesting setup that promises to see him placed on many fun missions throughout the series. This first issue sees him heading to Avengers Tower, putting him right in the path of his adopted brother, Thor, and his friends who would like nothing more than to punch him in his sexy little face.

Spinning right out of Young Avengers this is a slightly different version of Loki than many will be used to. He’s still the god of mischief but now he’s using that mischief for good. For those who missed out on Young Avengers you can pick up this issue without having read any of that, but you probably should just read Young Avengers anyway. Loki isn’t a little kid anymore (a spell helped him change from Kid Loki to let’s say Young Adult Loki) he has a new very hot Twink-like appearance that isn’t too far from Tom Hiddleston levels of Loki sexiness. Plus a fair few pages see him mostly naked, just saying. Al Ewing has promised that his Loki will be more in line with his Norse origins which saw him as essentially bisexual and gender fluid, as he would frequently change his form to female during his tricks.

This first issue is unfortunately lacking in any bisexual displays from Loki, we’ll just have to survive with seeing him mostly naked for now, but it is still an exciting adventure that displays what the series will have to offer as a whole. The first page shows Loki stabbing a sword right through Thor before flashing back with what is sure to be a repeated phrase from Loki – “trust me”. From here we get a failed espionage attempt, before some great spots of trickery and Loki’s full motivation being revealed. There is also an intriguing mindfuck of a reveal on the last page, suggesting that the new hero who we’re just coming to love may not be all he appears. It’s clear that Ewing has a new vision for Loki, one that I’m very excited to see unfold.

Lee Garbett is on art duties for the series and he amazes throughout from the first page shocker of Loki stabbing Thor to spot on likenesses of the Avengers (who are seen here as the main Avengers from the film of course). There isn’t a lot of action in this issue, which jams a lot of story into 20 pages as it is, so it’s hard to see how Garbett handles this side of things, but he seems to be a worthy successor to Jamie McKelvie’s work on Young Avengers so far.

I can’t wait for the next issue of this series which apparently sees Loki go speed dating with Lorelei, who uses her beauty to persuade men to do whatever she chooses. All I will say is a month is too long to wait to see what Loki gets up to next.


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