Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 – Review

Matt Mallinson
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The second issue of Loki’s own series, unfortunately, doesn’t live up to the first instalment. The series has only just begun and this sophomore outing drags down what was a promising start with clunky narrative and a dull premise. After last month’s saving of Thor via a mystic sword to the chest Loki continues his heroic journey by…um… going speed dating.

Ok maybe I’m oversimplifying a little, he is actually there tracking the Asgardian witch Lorelei (master manipulator of men). However, by choosing to focus the issue on Loki recounting much of the events as a form of flirting with a new (and very bland) love interest it really drags things down.  Writer Ewing’s attempt to fool the reader into thinking that his date is Lorelei in disguise also confuses events-there would be no reason to explain to Lorelei how he almost captured her previously seeing as she was there after all. It’s a poorly-handled idea and ultimately feels pointless.

Much of the issue exists to establish Verity, a woman who is able to detect any lie – to the point where she can’t even suspend disbelief during movies – which would seem to make her the dullest mutant of all time. Other than that she’s pretty one-note, making the prospect that she will be a recurring character incredibly frustrating.


Artist Lee Garbett still does well with character designs, keeping Loki looking suitably sexy throughout (even when flirting with a female form). Despite her drab characterisation Garbett is able to create an interesting look for love interest Verity, imagining her as a slightly nerdy goth with some great tattoos. It’s quite a shame that we don’t get to see his own take on Lorelei’s costume, instead giving the reader her classic uniform and a dull black catsuit, but hopefully he will be able to give his own spin to her outfit further down the line.

If Ewing had centred more on Loki’s hunting of Lorelei directly this could have been a good issue, but for now I’m just left wanting the next to actually show some real interaction between the former lovers. A dud like this so early on can’t help but fill me with dread for what lies ahead, which is so disappointing for a series I was so looking forward to just last month. Hopefully this issue will just be a blip in the grand scheme of things and next month will see a return to form.


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