London Summer Film and Comic Con – Review

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What a scorcher! London Film and Comic Con had a huge turnout this summer. The Saturday and Sunday had large queues for those without pre-booked tickets, with some queuing for up to five hours on the Saturday. Maybe it was down to the appearance of Stan Lee and all of the other famous actors – such as past Doctor Whos and some of the cast of Game of Thrones.

I am never disappointed with the effort so many cosplayers make and the time and money they put into the characters they go as. This year I saw everything from Super Saiyans to Power Rangers.

If you class yourself as a bit of a geek or a movie buff, then this is an event you should try to attend. It sells everything from memorabilia, T-shirts, and autographs to your usual comic books and figurines. I was walking for around three hours trying to look at everything, but luckily I was broke as I could have easily spent a small fortune.

I love the variety of all the stalls, especially those that sell sweets and chocolate from Hong Kong and other countries which aren’t all ready available here in the UK. The manga stalls are also amazing – it hadn’t really interested me before, but I’m now hooked on Hellsing and Deathnote.

The temperature got ridiculously hot at some points throughout the day, and I still don’t know how so many people managed to stay in full costumes and characters, because I seemed to be melting in just a T-shirt.

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Queuing for my picture with Stan Lee went surprisingly quickly, and I was standing next to the man himself in what seemed minutes. Due to the amount of fans that had paid for pictures they had to get you through fast, so you had no chance to say anything but hello, but you still got a smile and a hi back.

Unfortunately I didn’t go in costume because I had commissioned a custom outfit which was so ridiculously late it didn’t reach me in time – and still hasn’t. At the winter con make sure you keep an eye out for a Lycra-clad Nightwing as chances are it will be me.

I always enjoy dressing up in costume and usually go as a zombie or steampunk character, and the amount of attention you get and pictures that are taken of you are amazing. You even have people who only attend for pictures with fans and stay outside the whole day walking around the area.

If you plan on going, pre-book your tickets as it will save you hours and you’ll usually be inside in thirty minutes. The cost is no more than buying at the door. I look forward to the winter con and hopefully will have a full costume to attend – so look out for me.

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