Luigi’s Mansion 2 – A Gaymer’s Review

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Luigi’s Mansion 2 is a game I have been waiting to play for some time. The reason for me waiting was I thought it would be a kind gesture of me to allow my mother to play the game first as she had been looking forward to it for a while before its release date back in March. Almost three-months later and she is still yet to finish it, therefore it is my turn to play it. Move over mum.

Once again, Luigi has to go around sucking ghosts… well, sucking up ghosts in his vacuum cleaner that has a flashlight attached to it. I always wonder who thinks that these ideas would make a great game. The game itself is indeed rather fun to play, and seeing how it is a sequel, it has been improved. The main plot of the first Luigi’s Mansion was to run around a haunted mansion looking for your missing brother, Mario. With this sequel, you must run around multiple mansions after an unknown culprit has destroyed the Dark Moon, a weird purple moon made out of a gem. This moon gem was created to make all ghosts nice and helpful.

luigi's mansion 2

I am yet to finish the game, but I presume that as it is a sequel, the bad guy is going to be the villain of the first Luigi’s Mansion and probably Mario has been kidnapped again. You may be thinking ‘How can you jump to that conclusion?’. Well, my answer to that is stop asking questions I cannot hear you, and I have played many games to know where this is going. Plus the hints of a picture of someone with Mario’s hat on being stolen by Boos and the shadow of King Boo kind of gives it away.

As with most games I play, the talking that happens bores me. So I skip it, meaning I have no idea what is really going on or what I am meant to be doing, so I wander around the map of each mansion until I see on the touch screen a “!”, the sign of where I am meant to be going. As you progress through the game, now and then you must save a Toad. If you have played Mario games you will be aware of whom this is, but maybe like me not know what the hell it is. If you have no idea who that is, go look him up. In the process of saving these Toads, I have realised how much I hate them. They do not shut up crying and making noises, yet me screaming at them to shut up does not help the situation.

luigi toad

However, you must save them to progress through the game and complete your aim of catching all these different ghosts and collecting the missing pieces of the Dark Moon to restore it to its former state. What I do not understand is, why send Luigi? I understand he is a hero in his own way, but many people do forget him and see him as a lesser to Mario. I am not saying that Luigi is worse than Mario as Luigi is probably less hairy and creepy, and seems better and taller than Mario in many respects, but he doesn’t like ghosts and gets scared easily.

Why not just send Princess Peach? She seems so ditty and stupid that I am sure she would not even be aware of the ghosts being there. She may even get the job done quicker by having that idiot Bowser follow her around and do the work for her with the promise of meeting him in another castle (let’s see if anyone gets the not so funny reference).

I sometimes get the feeling that Luigi may be gay, going around flashing ghosts then sucking them up in a vacuum cleaner. Maybe the reason Nintendo feel he should get his own game, is to promote gay people having an interest in cleaning and vacuums. I get the feeling that Luigi is basically an Italian cleaner who is not getting paid for his work.

I shall continue to play this game until I finish, mainly proving my theory right, but also because this game is pretty good. It would be nice to finish the game before my mother does, even after her almost three-month head start, and also nice to see this game to the end.

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