Marvel or DC: Whose writers come out on top

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Are you a Marvel or DC fan? Who do you think has better writers? These are questions that have, for some time, made every comic book fan sweat.

But it’s no longer just about comic book lovers. Now, with both companies producing blockbuster movies, there are a host of new fans – and more arguments than ever before!

To help you settle the debate of just who has the best writers, we’ve focused our attention on two niche areas: comic books and movies. Hopefully, you’ll see the worst and the best, and in the end, come up with a suitable answer!

DC vs. Marvel Movie Writers

According to research data from Statista, Marvel writers have, compared to those of DC, received better box office reviews and higher revenue for almost 18 years. Also, movies from Marvel have a higher fan rating (on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes) than those of DC.

Of course, not all movies are successful, but it’s clear that Marvel can’t stop producing excellent films. Most of its films receive praise from all those who love superhero movies.

Sadly, though the brand has many notable characters, DC’s producers keep on getting more than their fair share of criticism.

The ‘Capture’ of Brian Michael Bendis!

But all is not lost for DC fans as the brand is not giving up. Recently it poached the services of leading Marvel writer, Brian Michael Bendis, to grab share some of the Marvel ambrosia.

According to a tweet sent to newsrooms, the company said that they’d signed him up for a “multiyear, multi-faceted” contract. Bendis also sent a tweet where he expressed his love for the brand and added that change is healthy and good.

Bendis is a top-quality writer whose hits have shaped the Marvel landscape. A good example is Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Avengers. Apart from that, together with Micheal Gaydos, he created Jessica Jones.

He’s still working on these movies and TV shows with no indication given on when he’ll start work at DC. What’s clear, though, is that DC has committed a major coup in the world of movie writing. They now have someone who can write a movie in a lighter and more humorous tone.

DC clearly needs to produce more movies like Wonder Woman instead of dour movies like Batman vs. Superman – which may mean keeping Zack Snyder away forever.

DC vs. Marvel Comics

When it comes to writing comics, these two brands have different styles that are obvious to fans.

Marvel’s writers rely heavily on events. They use realistic characters and change them with time. They also think out of the box as they come up with stories, which are mostly very long. They put several issues into consideration and produce a lot of comic series.

Similar to Marvel movies, Marvel writers use a friendlier tone in the comics too. This does not mean they are not captivating, but they are certainly not as mysterious as those stories coming from DC nowadays.

DC comic writers concentrate on shorter and personal stories, and they use godlike characters to excite their audience. (Then you have the literary dark fantasy and grown-up superheroes of their Vertigo line.)

So, as far as comics go, things are definitely more balanced. Indeed, any fans love both universes for different reasons. It all depends on the kind of storytelling you love, plus the tone that connects with your feelings.

In any case, if we go back to the heroes in both brands, we have to admit that DC writers are filled with tremendous imagination. Some of its most famous superheroes are, of course, Superman and Batman.

Shockingly, though, it’s not always about the heroes, because audiences love the DC villains just as much. Characters like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are beloved by fans. According to Empire, DC’s Joker is one of the 50 most unusual villains of all time.

One thing we’ve noticed with writers from DC is that they always use the idea of a father to son inheritance. Here, the son has to take over from his father and seek justice for wrongs committed against the family. Unhappy childhoods abound, and in this sense, Superman’s life is not that different from Batman’s.

On the other hand, Marvel writers use characters with unstable or broken families to captivate readers too. It’s quite a common trope. Though father-to-son legacies are slightly rarer.

As you can see, there’s not much to separate these two brands. Each time you think of a DC character with a terrible childhood, you’ll see one from Marvel that’s going through the same!


As we wrap up, we would like to point out that when it comes to heroes, storytelling, and tone, a good number of people prefer DC. However, this does not mean that one brand has better writers than the other. It merely shows that both of them are unique in their strengths and weaknesses.

While both are arch rivals, they still maintain a somewhat friendly competition, which is quite understandable. In any case, both of them came into existence around the same time and have inspired people from all corners of the world.

Which do you prefer? DC or Marvel? Comment below.

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