Monster Hunter Freedom on iOS: It’s coming

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E3’s annual 2014 event has already drummed up vast amounts of hype for future game releases across various platforms, however shockingly this year one of Capcom’s much played down announcements was for an upcoming new western iOS release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

With fond memories for spending hours playing Monster Hunter Freedom when it debuted on the PSP back in 2009, this was one of the most exciting announcements made as far as I was concerned. Like many other gamers I followed the move from hand-held console gaming to smartphone and tablet gaming, and occasionally get caught in moments of nostalgia over all the great hand-held games that don’t get mobile releases: remembering the hours of fun I had growing up with hand-held games like Super Mario Advance, Pokémon Red & Blue, and Golden Sun. Although this may not be the official release of Pokémon for mobile devices that gamers from all across this golden era of hand-held gaming are still dreaming of, it’s a step in the right direction by reinventing another great console game for smartphones and tablets.

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For those unfamiliar with Capcom’s Monster Hunter series (you’ve been missing out) it combines some of the best elements of role playing and adventuring gaming to submerge players into an ancient world filled with a massive array of prehistoric beasts to slaughter or capture in order to complete missions and progress in status as a hunter. Although following the same basic mechanics most Monster Hunter players are used to, the controls have been totally reworked and optimised for touch screen gaming in a way that looks a lot more stripped back and quickly accessible than the overly cumbersome controls and navigational menus many games in the genre suffer from when ported over to mobile devices.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite redelivers all the greatest parts of this gaming series in a new refreshing reinvention for the current generation of mobile devices without losing any of the original magic of this series. There’s still unquestionably something very satisfying about slicing a blue dragon to pieces with a giant meat cleaver, and then heading back to town to have shiny new armour forged out of its carcass; and, taking full advantage of the power of this generation of mobile devices the game promises stunning visuals to showcase all these moments. The trailer released by Capcom shows they certainly have no plans on neglecting any of the great attention to detail boasted by Monster Hunter games, and it promises to be a rich and well-polished experience with a strong emphasis on uncompromising artwork throughout the game, as well as simply, smooth and well developed navigation and fight mechanics. And this extends to the multi-player capabilities of the game too.

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Although not many details have been released on the multi-player aspect of the game it looks set to be a full-bodied co-op adventure mode using mobile WiFi to create a stunning shared experience visually optimised for the beautiful retina display of Apple’s newest mobile devices between players across the country, hunting together as a team through the array of varied landscapes and terrains in the game. With no confirmed release date yet guaranteed, many like myself now can only sit and eagerly await what Capcom has in store for us with this shiny new translation of Monster Hunter. If you haven’t already, check out the E3 trailer for this game below and get a taste for the awesomeness set to arrive with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on iOS.

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