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Windows Phone 8.1 is a maturing phone operating system with an increasing amount of applications.  Here is a list of my favorite must have applications which I use frequently.


Viber is my favorite IM application due to its cross platform availability.  Imagine sending a message through your phone and then responding later on your desktop (Mac or PC) and then on your tablet.  All conversation through Viber automatically syncs cross platform as well, making conversations easier to follow between different devices.

Nokia Glam Me

Do you love taking selfies?  This application is for you.  In addition to auto-enhancing your features, the various filters make this selfie lens the best one available for Windows Phone 8.1.  This is a free download for Nokia phone holders from the app store.


Fotor is the best photo editing application for Windows Phone 8.1.  In addition to the photo editing, which includes enhance, crop, rotate, FX effects, border, adjust (brightness, contrast, saturation, and blur/sharpen) and tilt-shift, the app also includes collages in different aspects (1:1, 3:4, 4:3) with many different number of photo options.  Did I mention it was free?

App Folder

App folder is here!  You can now have a set of apps within each icon on the homepage of your phone.  Creating a folder is quite different than iOS or Android.  First, you’d have to open the application, name the folder and then choose the applications which you want in the folder, from there it is automatically placed in home screen which you can customize its size by pressing down on the folder.

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Nokia NFC Writer

Near Field Communication (NFC) is probably the most underused technology available in most modern smartphones (with the exception of Apple devices).  Imagine putting your phone down at your desk at work and it automatically goes silent or placing it in your cup holder in your car and it starts playing your favorite playlist – well, that is what NFC can do for you.  First you’ll have to buy NFC tags, widely available online and you can use this application to program exactly what you want your phone to do once it comes into contact with the NFC tag.

Photo Lock Free

This application is the best app to keep your pictures private.  With this application you can choose which pictures are not accessible or visible to the general public.  The simple interface takes advantages of the metro look of the Windows Phone look and uses a similar android unlocking pattern to access your private photos.

Storage Sense

With Windows Phone 8.1 you are now able to move files back and forth from your phone to an internal micro SD card via Storage Sense  In the settings, you can also have the phone store your photos, new downloads and other files to your micro SD card directly.  A must have for all Windows Phone 8.1 users.

Transparency Tiles

This particular application is for those individuals who want to format their icons to match the rest of the icons so it matches the background picture.  Windows Phone 8.1 is required, so make sure to update your phone.  If Windows Phone 8.1 isn’t available in your region, you can bypass your network requirements and check out this tutorial – click here.

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Remote Desktop

Do you have a Windows 8 laptop or desktop?  This is a must have application.  With this application you are able to access your laptop from anywhere, forgot a file on your desktop?  No problem!

Windows Phone 8.1 has a large library of applications and this set of apps is a good starting point for any application collection.  What is your favorite Windows Phone application?  Post them in the comment section.

Do you have any questions about Windows Phone 8.1 or any other mobile operating system?  Send me a tweet @hawaiiinsomniac.

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