New Tomb Raider sequels announced at E3 2014

Come on kids, we knew the inevitable was going to happen. E3 2014 took place at the beginning of the week and the dreams and fantasies of millions of people were answered in great fashion. Crystal Dynamics unveiled two trailers for sequels for the massively successful 2013 Tomb Raider and 2010’s Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light.

The sequel for the main-franchise game, aptly named Rise of the Tomb Raider further explores Lara’s origins – shaping her destiny as the world’s most famous archaeologist (sorry Indiana). The games makers claim that it will redefine the survival/action genre, something which the original game already did beautifully, and so it has some massive boots to fill.

Another sequel, this one to Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light, called Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, plays more like a Diablo game, boasting stunning visuals and a new four-player co-op mode.

Both games are due for release in 2015 and the anticipation is already tangible within the gaming community, and after how brilliant the original game was, we’re expecting something pretty spectacular. It should also bring any new gamers to the franchise who haven’t already been enticed by Lara’s story, so step aside Link – lady with a bow coming through.

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