Pikmin 3 – A Gaymer’s Review

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This is probably the first of the Pikmin trilogy I have actually played to the very end. I feel that completing it by the 49th day of the in-game timeline was a pretty good achievement. Admittedly, I lost about 1000 of the little creatures, but that was clearly not my fault. If they all took swimming lessons and did not just go head-first into battle without my say, they would have survived. However, that is not the point. The point is, I finished one of these games, and I am surprised that the game was enjoyable to the very end.

I am not that big of a Pikmin fan, but I figured I better give it a try and not judge it. The game revolves around three characters from the planet Koppai (named that because of Nintendo’s original name from 1889, Nintendo Koppai) who have travelled to this distant land (which looks a lot like Earth, and is suggested in the first Pikmin game has experienced Nuclear War) to find food for their planet as they are running out. You control the three characters Charlie, Brittany, and Alph who have crash-landed on this planet, and with the help of the Pikmin, you have to find fruit and the key for the spaceship. There is a cameo from both Olimar and Louie, which does make the game more interesting as you go through, seeing as how it can be rather repetitive with the whole collecting fruit part.

The first Pikmin game seemed much harder as I never managed to complete it, and the second one never really appealed to me, but the third one seemed more interesting, a cheap bargain in the shop.

If you ever wondered why they were called Pikmin, it stems from the first game when Olimar meets these creatures when he first lands on the planet inhabited by them. He decided to call them Pikmin because their look reminds Olimar of his favourite kind of carrot, Pik-Pik. It is stated in Pikmin that Olimar’s favourite soup contains three onions and hundreds of Red, Yellow, and Blue carrots. This is believed to be why Olimar names the creatures Pikmin and their home pods ‘Onions’.

It may not seem like a fun game, or a game that you would like to play, but it is definitely worth it. Not only is it fun, but it is incredibly addictive. Although, the main problem I had was the fact that I accidentally forgot one of my Pikmin was carrying a bomb and blew up over a hundred of them. Lesson learnt. I can still hear them crying whenever I close my eyes.

(Disclaimer: This game will not make you crazy; it took me many years to become this way.)

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