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We previously had The Top 10 Hottest Male Cartoon Characters. To help celebrate the launch of Vada‘s brand new look I thought it only fair to introduce a bit of cosplay hotness – because lets face it, who doesn’t like looking at pics of hot geeks?

First up is the exceptionally sexy Giulio Nardozzi from Italy, as Dante from DmC. Shame he didn’t recreate the look from the memorable opening cinematic but you can’t have everything. Find his Facebook fan page here.


Next is prominent American LGBT+ activist and part time underwear model Colby Melvin, dressed up as Nightwing and standing in front of the Batmobile no less. His Facebook fan page has over 180,000 likes and since half of his pictures are topless its really not a wonder why. Find him here.

colby melvin

Michael Hamm’s pictures has been floating around Tumblr for quite a while now with the simple tag line ‘Hot gay geek is HOT!’. It really is a very simple and very accurate description. He has even managed to make the infamously boring Aqua Man look good. Catch his Facebook fan page here.

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Sometimes cosplay progresses naturally into more than just a bit of fun dress up – get a camera and a Kickstarter page and you and your friends could be making your own fan films any day now. Introducing Nightwing: The Series has reached its goal and now there’s a teaser trailer. If nothing else, it looks better than the oncoming car crash that is Superman vs Batman vs Wonder Woman vs Lex Luthor vs Cyborg: Justice Begins.

Sometimes its best to leave cosplay to the professionals. In this case its Lee Ho-jong, commonly known in League of Legends circles as Flame. He’s a member of the professional LoL team CJ Entus Blaze, representing Korea. In March and December of last year, they came first in the world and won prizes totalling $80,000. But I put him here because he cosplayed as my LoL character, the Marksman Mage Ezreal.


We have covered a lot of things drag-related here at Vada, but the world of cosplay is well known for it’s gender bending. Just to prove it, here is Frozen‘s Elsa by Hadukoushi. You can find him on DeviantArt and Facebook.


And finally: a bit more video game hotness. I tried to do plenty of stalking but was unable to come up with who these guys are, but lets face facts: Link and Squall have never looked better.


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