Reblog Culture: Three Fun Tumblrs

Gabriel Duckels

I don’t understand Tumblr but everyone seems to use it. Even my mother uses Tumblr. It’s in the same ranks as Pinterest and Dropbox: weird new internet things I might have worked out immediately were I still the young, savvy thing I was in the glory days of 2010.

What I find weird about Tumblr is the reblog aspect. Reblogging (basically reposting) implies an anonymity, the lack of one distinct author, and displaces context for stand-alone merit. Essentially, thanks to the reblog, everything on Tumblr is Marcel Duchamp’s wet dream. I thought I’d do the ultimate reblog and offer a list of three Tumblrs I love. They all showcase original work through the intimacy of the blog format.

Tart Zine

Maisie Cousins: Tart Zine

Tart Zine is a ‘coming together of artists’ that its curator, Maisie Cousins, knows ‘online and in real life’. There’s a sensuous vibrancy and kitsch aesthetic to much of the art (mostly photography) shown on it. Maisie Cousins is a bit of an internet chick as they say, and was featured in Dazed & Confused last year. All Tart needs now is a print edition.

Mad Problems

Esmé Blegvad: Mad Problems

Esmé Blegvad is a London-based illustrator who has most recently contributed to Rookie Mag (edited by pubescent fashion prodigy Tavi Gevinson.) Esmé’s Tumblr features cartoons that are cutesy, creepy and colourful. Her diary tone and lively mix of prose and illustration is warm and wicked. (I can’t stop using alliteration today.)

With A Pencil in Hand

Ryan Humphrey: With A Pencil In Hand

This is the big daddy of the three selected: Ryan Humphrey has been commissioned by Topman and Doritos and has exhibited his work widely since 2009. This level of professionalism makes his use of Tumblr that much more enjoyable. Regularly refreshed with quick sketches and portraits, the Tumblr also features a cute, continuously updated, Q&A with the MAN HIMSELF!


Vada Magazine can also now be found on tumblr


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