Siberia V3 Headset Review

Jake Basford

Most gaming tech companies that build peripherals tend to reworks of the same thing, and the Siberia V3 is no exception as it is a reworked, but ultimately better, version of the Siberia line.

The biggest and best thing you’ll find with the new Siberia V3 is that it comes with a jack, not a USB cable like in previous versions. This means if you want to listen to music while working from your laptop and switch to taking a break with gaming on your PS3, you can just plug the jack into your TV – of course there is an adaptation needed if you want to use the microphone, but that is Sony’s fault not SteelSeries’.

I love my Siberia V2 in Heat Orange – the glow is awesome – but the thing that I have noticed as I have grown older is that my personal style has evolved, so rather than wearing bold colours and prints all the time, I tend to stick to monochromes with a dash of colour (white T-shirt, grey jeans and neon orange shoes for example), and so the fact that the Siberia V3 comes in white makes me very happy.

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Now for those that are clean freaks this means you will complain as white shows up dirt, but seriously get a decent alcohol-based wipe and you won’t be whinging for much longer as it takes a thirty second job to make them look gleaming again.

In-built microphones are now a huge thing, and making them accessible as well as easy to use and with decent sound quality is a very tricky balance. The Siberia V3 has a spool-out microphone that is rolled around one of the ear pieces, meaning you slide it out, fix the wire into the position to be held best over your mouth, and you can slide it back in when done. No muss no fuss.

However there is a downside to this, as if you are in a violent rage and need to tell some idiotic child camper that they need to be shoved back into their mother, then you will be unable to get the microphone to work one-handed, which may lead to gamer rage at your beautiful headset. Not cool.

Overall we are pretty chuffed with the Siberia V3, as it is comfort and high quality that leads to excellent gaming and real-life use. All we would ask for is a bigger internal volume boost and we would be ready to hump SteelSeries’ leg. Seriously.

You can purchase the Siberia V3 by SteelSeries from Amazon now

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