A Glance at the Technology of Sex

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Since the dawn of the internet technology has aided the possibility of sexual encounters and fed the sexual appetites of nations with a vast array of media. With this rapid expansion of the technologies available in our everyday lives it seems almost logical that the nature of sex itself would advance along with it. For example, it only takes a small amount of imagination to see the how the self-driving cars Google has had approved state-side could free up the attention of drivers and passengers alike for other activities.

But what’s far more interesting is a new app released for the company’s Google Glass technology. Glance is a app for Google Glass that claims it will add a whole new dimension to the way we experience moments with each other.

Glance uses shared live streaming, ephemeral video recording and voice control functions to allow for the real-time sharing of experiences between users, effectively allowing users to view events as seen by others through their own eyes. Born as a project originally called “sex with glass” founded by Sherif Maktabi, the whole idea behind the app was to try and imagine and realise a way of changing and enhancing how we have sex. After spending just a day with Google Glass at the Hackathon event in November last year, Sherif (a student at Central Saint Martins art school) was inspired, spent months developing what he describes as an exciting look at ways to spice up sex with technology.

While wearing Google Glass the Glance app simultaneously records and shares between partners what they each are seeing, allowing you to see your partner’s view of the experience whilst having sex with them, (all the while utilising voice control functions to avoid distracting users by drawing attention to itself). Using the appropriately chosen voice commands ‘OK glass, it’s time’ to initiate streaming and ‘OK glass, pull out’ to stop streaming Glance seeks to become a simple and natural (well, as natural as possible) extension to sex through technology.


Originally the promotion and marketing of the app was heavily focused towards just straight men, and after a lot of feedback on the strange overlooking of the mass appeal of the product to all sexual orientations and users; the app has gone for much more neutral marketing. Glance has been quick to highlight the app as potentially being capable of far more than just acting as a highly advanced sex toy, which has driven most of the excitement for this app so far. Glance and Google Glass can also be set up to integrate with an array of smart apps and accessories available for the home now to control the full mood of a room as well.

Voice control can also be used to turn on and off and change the colour of smart lights, change music on wireless smart sound systems and change between videos and channels on smart TV’s to control and change the whole atmosphere of the room surrounding users. Glance may at first seem like something taken straight from the pages of sci-fi erotica and the over-active imaginations of tech geeks everywhere but, although it may take some time to become a vastly spread addition to sex, it may not be too long before handing over a pair of a smart glasses to someone may becomes as normal as handing over lube before sex.

After all, why settle for a glance when you can see the full picture.

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