Low cost smartphone to retail at only £26

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For a long time the smartphone has been considered one luxury item that no one can afford to live without leaving those unable to afford or unwilling to spend missing out on a world of amazing features. However, those people who were long left in the cold by the expense now have a solution in the new Karbonn A50S, a smartphone that can be bought for a mere £26.

The new phone by Indian based company Karbonn Mobiles launched earlier this month but has so far been unavailable for purchase in the West. UK based consumers will be able to purchase the new device online for delivery to their home by registering with an Indian courier service to a local address before posting it across the pond to be picked up here. The cost of delivery does drive up the price by an additional £20 but when it provides such a cheaper alternative to smartphones which can cost hundreds of pounds before you even buy your first app.

For such a cheap device you would be forgiven for thinking that the internal specifications are not much to listen too. However the specs have proven that this is a device that can holds its own with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and a 480 x 320 pixel touch screen. This is impressive along before adding in the 256MB of RAM and the 512MB storage capacity.


Are you looking for a phone with a budget price without skipping too much on quality? Then give the Karbonn A50S a look and see of you might be tempted into this Indian forged device.

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