Nokia Lumia 930 Review

Jake Basford

The latest phone from Nokia is the Lumia 930 – another Windows phone promising us to be the phone that breaks the back of the Android vs Apple debate. You’d think that Microsoft would have the reality check that Research in Motion had and stop pouring more research into their phones that are clearly not going to break the market. But, they keep plugging away, and the Lumia 930 is the latest attempt – smarter, cleaner, with niftier features.

Every time a new Nokia Lumia comes out, there are raves about the camera, the screen, and the general digital display. The Lumia 930 auto corrects photos and increases the colour saturation, making them look prettier than you would probably even have in real life.  If you’re a fan of Instagram and making your selfies prettier than this will be perfect for you. Other handy gizmos are the touch features – you can charge, transfer files, and play music without plugs or wires, using a wireless technology for all of the above.  It is pretty cool to drop the phone onto a charging platform for a few hours, but it doesn’t charge as quickly as other phones might do. With a sealed-in unit, it is not something you can change if things get hairy. The battery life, however, is incredible, and left on stand-by will go on and on for over a day.


When the phone comes out of the box there are the standard set of apps, but with a few odd additions. For example, Vine is included as standard but Twitter is not, suggesting that Microsoft has more stake in the apps pre-loaded than ones you have to download. This is annoying in equal measures to being helpful because there are those that will find these apps cool and worth exploring, but would rather download useful apps used in day-to-day communication like WhatsApp. The News app is particularly good, but it takes a bit of fiddling to get the news organisations you actually want to read appearing there.

The biggest issue with the Nokia Lumia 930 is the Operating System, and for those unfamiliar with the boxey stylings of Windows 8.1, you will get confused, irate, and probably want to smash the thing against the wall. At least with Windows 8.1 on the computer, there is the option out of the boxes, but Microsoft appears to have done what Apple did with their circle of death and create a simplistic shape that causes rage spasms. Now there are people who favour the tablet version (Surface Pro lovers unite) but the mobile version seems to be causing issues.

With a quick processor, handy dandy add ons that you would never think to ask for when looking at phones, and a bold colour choice (bright orange FTW), there are many people who should be attracted to the Nokia Lumia 930.

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