Review: NeoGlow Earphones

Jake Basford

From tech company Thumbs Up come the NeoGlow Earphones – a pair of in-ear earphones that can glow and throb to the music you are listening to on your auditory device using electroluminescent wires that are sound reactive.

Anyone who has seen reviews in the past knows to expect when it comes to in-ear earphones. I find they are annoying and do not work, personally, due to having abnormal ear canals that seek to expel whatever is inside them. Knowing this, there was less than an optimistic reaction to the NeoGlow Earphones, but they had to be tried for the clear fact that glowing bright blue as you walk down the street is pretty awesome.

These are hardy fuckers that can be sat on, taken out clubbing and lost down the back of the sofa with little fear for safety. And you know when companies call their earphones ‘tangle-proof’ and you roll your eyes like this:

Pearl Face Gif

Well this time they aren’t lying. Because of the electroluminescent wires combined with the external casing and the micro USB charging point (meaning anyone with an Android phone automatically has a charger for these bad-boys) this is actually the case – you cannot tie these in a knot without brute force and determination.

This makes the NeoGlow Earphones LITERALLY an industry first for not lying to the audience in this respect (at least for me personally).

The sound quality is good, if a little lax on the bass boost. The microphone is useful for taking calls and the sound doesn’t react to your conversation (thankfully). Finally, because of how these babies hang, they aren’t a distraction for the user – even if others stare u you like you’re butt-naked or something.

The downside is that because of the extra weight imposed by the charging point (more than anything else) these do have a tendency to slip out if you already have a presupposition to having issues with in-ear earphones (like me), which will mean a five minute walk to the shops requires half the time to have your finger in the ear, making the whole point of earphones pointless.

For those who can actually wear in-ear devices with little discomfort, these are perfect – especially when you want to be about at night and still visible. The NeoGlow Earphones are funky, a great adaptation and are definitely useful for those who want to stand out.

The Neoglow Earphones cost £19.95 from Genie Gadgets

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