Wireless Headpods – Tech Review

Jake Basford

Yes, you read that correctly – Wireless Headpods. They are from a company called Boompods who try and come up with different sorts of phone and tablet accessories – everything from sound splitters to power cases to wireless headsets.

The Wireless Headpods are a Bluetooth-enabled headset that includes a hidden microphone, with remote volume and track control, and they can also be folded up and put into a pocket for later use.

I want to keep these. No joke. I have already asked and been told no, but I want to keep them anyway [Ed: Put the accessories down, Jake…]. I have personally been looking for a wireless headset with a decent range and battery life that also has remote control for a while, and these are the perfect way to move forward.

OK, so the Wireless Headpods are charged with a microUSB charger (same as any android phone), and only take a few hours to charge up to full whack, which is enough charge to last for ages (up to eight hours on a single charge of three hours’ charge time, according to their website).

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The Headpods are relatively small for a headset (about a hand-span for me but 6×8” [15x20cm]) and can fold up if needed. But if you wear them they don’t give you hot-neck, and once they are switched on and your phone has Bluetooth switched on, they should connect automatically.

Making a point to test these in the real world is always a preference for me, so I took these to the shops, clubbing and during my day-to-day life to see what they are like, and I can honestly say I haven’t tested a better pair of headphones. Comfy, with brilliant sound quality, and durable. Absolutely amazing.

There are glitches that need to be worked out by Boompods for the Wireless Headpods, but these are mostly due to the constraints of the technology they have to work with at present as opposed to design flaws – for example the Bluetooth connection gets interrupted around buildings (because Bluetooth is hilarious like that) and they cannot be completely folded up due to the size of the pods themselves.

These are flaws that are going to be worked out over the next few years when the makers of Bluetooth finally get around to sorting out the problem that you cannot move the devices with a wall between them, and technology once again gets smaller for headsets. I just hope that Boompods comes back with Wireless Headpods 2.0 sometime further down the line to sort these relatively minor issues.

I love the Wireless Headpods down to the ground, so cannot wait to see what else Boompods have in store for the future.

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You can buy the Wireless Headpods in white and black from the Boompods website for £49.99 now.

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