Snap! 6 – The coolest case for the iPhone 6

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My latest item I’ve backed on Kickstarter is the Snap! 6.

Snap! 6 is a brand new type of case for the iPhone 6 and possibly iPhone 6 Plus (with enough backers). The Snap! 6 is a case which provides the iPhone 6 a dedicated camera button (as opposed to the volume down rocker) which allows for easier one-handed picture taking (selfies included). The case also has the capacity to switch lenses for a more professional looking picture.  

The product comes in four different colors: Classic Black, Premium Silver, Strawberry Pink and Deep Blue. 

This Kickstarter project can be found is scheduled to end on 30 October, 2014. 

You can obtain the product by backing this project for as low as $35, adding $10 for international shipping. There are various other options, such as the add on of a leather strap or wide-angle lens.

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