The Vada Gift Guide to Windows 8 Tablets

Simon Blish

Windows 8 tablets are gaining in popularity for the cost-conscious consumer familiar with the Windows operating system. Many of these new models cost less than £100, meaning there’s a tablet for every price range. You’ll also get a one year’s subscription to Office 365 Personal, which usually costs £5.99 a month. The Office 365 subscription comes complete with one terabyte of storage on OneDrive – which can hold about 2 million photos.

The new 12″ Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (ERP £639) is the best of a laptop, best of a tablet. The multiple position kickstand, optional click-in keyboard, beautiful hi-res screen and several ports deliver the power, portability and productivity needed at your office desk or when relaxing at home. Surface Pen can be used for presentations, taking notes, signing documents or with the art apps. The touch-enabled Windows Store provides access to a host of games, films and music on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

The HP Stream 7” tablet (ERP £99.99) is packed with features – like the 2MP camera, lightning fast boot-up time and switching between apps combined with enhanced productivity that a Windows tablet brings – this is a great device for multitasking. The eight-hour battery life means you can check work emails on the way home, catch up on the latest Netflix shows, and play a game or two.

The Argos Bush MyTablet 8” (ERP £129.99) has the power to allow for internet multitasking. So you can order outfits, check your Facebook, and video call on the multi-touch 8″ screen.

The Tesco Connect tablet (ERP £99.99) is great for play. It has access to Xbox Music as well as games and video. You can catch up on your reading on the Kindle app, watch movies on Netflix and earn bragging rights beating their friends on Fifa 15 UT.

The Linx 10 Tablet (ERP £159.99) is ideal for those who love to chat – with a 2MP front and back camera, which makes it perfect for Skype and YouTube videos. Apps like PicsArt Photo Studio, with its all-in-one photo editor and drawing tool, are right at your fingertips.

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