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The Walking Dead GameI’m not just covering a video game this time because this also marks the first time that I have used Steam. As a Mac user, a lot of games just aren’t built to be played on my computer, so I tend to go for console versions of games rather than face the disappointment of finding out it doesn’t work. But as this is a point and click game I thought it would be best played on my computer. So with that in mind I downloaded Steam. So here goes a review of Steam and The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead, as you’re probably aware, is the exceptionally popular TV Series based on an okay comic book series. It’s a personal opinion, but I happen to believe that the TV series is vastly superior to the comic book series that it is based on. Now the comic book has spawned a zombie video game spin off. God knows, with only Dead Rising, the Resident Evil series, Call of Duty Zombies, Dead Island, Dead Space and the Red Dead Redemption expansion to name a few, what the world really needs is yet ANOTHER zombie game…

Surprisingly, this game is quite good, which is considerably less surprising since every other review has already said the same damn thing. Every choice you make and every conversation you have will affect what happens further down the line. It’s a very unique feature for a zombie survival game and it’s one that actually works, unlike most games where the advertisement says something like this and it ends up meaning nothing. That said, it means that I can’t talk too much about the plot because it will inevitably differ for each player.

The best way to play this game is with a few friends all at once so that you can discuss the major choices and compare your stories with each other and trust me, there will be some big choices. The first big thing you will do is take on a little girl called Clementine and promise to keep her with you. No matter how cold hearted you are by the end of the game you will do anything to look after her, ANYTHING. The game can basically unfold in a few ways: Either you are level headed and proceed to sort situations out as best as possible, or you are an evil bastard and don’t care for the group, or you look out for number one and only number one and finally, you’re a push over and you won’t reap any benefits in the long run.

The best way to get maximum enjoyment is to pick and choose what you would do as though it was real life. It’s fun, damn fun, but I think I should get off this train of praise pretty sharpish and meet my need to bitch about the flaws. There are a few. The graphics can look really shitty at times, especially walls and backgrounds. I’m confused on the graphics because sometimes it adds to the game by making it look like a comic and at others it’s a real detriment. Especially when you’re supposed to be reading people’s facial expressions but it’s impossible because they change so little and you can’t see what they are supposed to look like. Another thing that can get really annoying is the option selection process as sometimes you barely get the chance to read all the options before making your selection. The last of my little gripes is that sometimes your player character does some damn stupid things and you just have to go along with it.

That’s basically it, and I was scraping the barrel to come up with those few that barely impeded gameplay at all, but something did. Something so awful and irritating that at times it made me scream, it was Steam. I’m new to it so I don’t know if it’s just me or the whole thing in general but it’s just really shit. The game froze at the same point three times and I had to force shut the whole program and then it froze up again half an episode later. Your save files are stored on the cloud and twice the save file didn’t save properly so once I came back and had to start a whole episode again.

In conclusion, The Walking Dead was excellent but I’d recommend playing it on a console. A few people have reacted with surprise at my problems with Steam so I will give it a second try. It’s the new year after all so I think this will go down as my doing something nice for 2013, but from next week onwards I will be back to my normal bile filled self.

Next week Skyrim and you can guarantee I will be evil.

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