#WATCH: Carl – Márk Juhász

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For his online premiere, filmmaker Márk Juhász shares his animated short, Carl, with readers of Vada Magazine.

With Carl, recent graudate Márk won the Best International Student Film award at the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014.

The plot features a series of duels spurred on by love, as Robot-Gladiator-Champion Carl battles Space Jesus, Drill-Raptors, EggBeater-Scorpions and a mighty BBQ-Octopus.

The film’s inspirations are The Terminator, Spartacus, Transformers and The Matrix. The animation style is angular and cutting edge, looking slick but without losing its heart too. We’re very pleased to be hosting this film for its online premiere and hope you enjoy it too!

The short was made at the hungarian MOME University over the course of a year. Watch the film below:

For more information, visit Márk Juhász’s YouTube channel or Tumblr.

carl 1

carl 2

carl 3

carl 4

carl 5

carl 6

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