#WATCH: Final Fantasy XV Reclaim Your Throne trailer

Samuel Alexander

As if Final Fantasy XV couldn’t get any more exciting. Today we were treated to a new trailer, and a whole lot more…

Final Fantasy XV looks pretty as ever in this latest trailer. The characters are all beautifully designed, with their perfectly styled hair and gorgeous garments.

It’s clear bigger is definitely better over at Square-Enix. Iconic monsters from the series past, Titan, Leviathan and Ramuh dwarf the main cast. What’s equally impressive is that these beings are rendered in-game. No pre-rendered beasties here.

About half way through the trailer I was caught completely off-guard by a familiar song. A cover of ‘Stand by me’ by none other than Florence & the Machine.

Made specifically for the Final Fantasy XV trailer, it’s not clear whether or not this cover will be featured in the final game. Yet it’s clear that the game’s existing soundtrack has gone on to inspire this version of the classic track. Florence’s booming voice is a perfect match for the terrifying beasts in the trailer, a perfect fit.

Though I was taken aback by the choice in song, it all makes sense when you remember one thing. Final Fantasy XV has always been intended as a ‘fantasy based on reality.’ Hopefully this will go down better with the series ‘fans’ better than the butthurt that drowned out Leona Lewis’ inclusion in Final Fantasy XIII.

That’s not all Final Fantasy fans!

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Check out the Final Fantasy XV channel on Youtube to find episode one of the prequel anime series, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV. 

On top of that there’s even more excitement! Announced alongside the new trailers is the feature film tie-on, Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV. It’s all looking very impressive, and will feature the vocal talents of Sean Bean, Aaron Paul and Lena Headey.


Whether or not this film will recieve a cinema release is unclear yet. Chances are Japan will get a theatrical release. With such high profile names attached to Kingsglaive, there’s a good chance this one might actually make it to a wider audience than Advent Children: Final Fantasy VII – Square-Enix’s last CGI Final Fantasy feature.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, especially a Final Fantasy fan! With a September release date on Final Fantasy XV and a 2016 release date on Kingsglaive, this is definitely the year of Final Fantasy.

Take a look at the Reclaim Your Throne trailer below and struggle to contain your excitement.

Final Fantasy XV releases worldwide 30 September 2016.

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