#WATCH: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Trailer

Samuel Alexander

After a quick re-branding, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is back with an additional subtitle and a new trailer.

With the aim of creating one of the most believable characters in video game history, Ninja Theory have given Senua a new look. Senua now has all the perfect imperfections of a real human being, and she’s all the more beautiful for it. The emotions showing in her face are not jarring or robotic, a real person provided these expressions and it now shows.

It’s a promising step forward for the video games industry. Like in the film industry, women are still almost constantly portrayed as beautiful objects of sexual desire, and every step away from that is ever so refreshing.

This new trailer treats us to a captivating performance by Milena Juergens, the face behind Senua. Milena delivers the promise that Hellblade won’t just be a game about taking down nameless bad guys by the dozen. Hellblade will be all about Senua: her journey, her demons and her story.

Using new and exciting technology, Milena was able to perform as Senua live, in real-time. This new technology allows actors to deliver their performances and see them come to life directly within the game world. To get a better idea of how that works, and for all you tech fans out there, take a look at the Development Diary below.

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Before you get stuck in to the trailer, make sure you’ve got headphones plugged in! All the voices heard in the trailer have been recorded binaurally. This means all the voices will sound like they’re coming from different places around you. Immersive, no?

It’s a subtle effect, but an important one – Hellblade aims to portray mental health issues, psychosis in particular, in a believable and understanding way. To help us truly understand Senua and her perception of the world, Ninja Theory have gone a long way to ensure that every detail is on point.

Experience the beautiful Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice trailer below, and remember to plug in those headphones!

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