The 7 most memorable All Saints moments

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Of course we can think of countless times All Saints were just awesome, but here is our list of the most memorable All Saints moments (…of all time?).

1. Making crop tops and cargo pants cool (late 90s)

90s fashion was filled with jelly shoes, butterfly hairclips, pedal pushers and of course buffalo shoes. But, what would the late 90s have been without the crop top and cargo pants combinations created by our four favourite girls?


2. The release of ‘Never Ever’

Yes, 1997 was a good year. Whilst All Saints received two BRIT awards for this track, we were just so happy there was a catchy tune we knew all the words to (and we still do).


3. High contrast highlights weren’t just socially acceptable, they were hair goals

In the late 90s/early 00s all of the girls made us that little bit more tempted to get highlights or do our own makeshift version at home.


4. ‘Pure Shores’, The Beach and Leonardo Dicaprio

The second bestselling song of 2000 only added to the joy that The Beach brought, and encouraged all of us to try our best to harmonise in the mirror with friends. And who didn’t try to make a beach video?


5. The 2001 break up

All Saints became sinners and broke all of us a little bit when they announced their break up in 2001. But to soften the blow, The Mail on Sunday did give away free copies of a modified version of their album, All Hits. The only problem was that you had to buy The Mail to get a copy…

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6. The 2006 come back

Was this really 10 years ago?

After five years of feeling like we’d lost an arm, All Saints made their comeback with the woefully under-appreciated single ‘Rock Steady’. However, this was all short-lived and they disappeared again…

At least, we were less concerned about runny eyeliner this time.


7. 2016 – their first music video in nine years

Despite multiple members saying they group would never reform, they have released their new single, ‘One Strike’. And even better, they’re going on a UK tour (yay!).

Their London gig sold out in 60 seconds, which should clearly show them how much we need them to stay together this time.


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