Alexx Desley: An interview

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Gay porn, filled with fantasy and ideals – whether it be bodies, facial features, clothing or the lovely surroundings in which some scenes are set. We have all watched it, and if you say you haven;t, well, you’re missing out.

Dutch gay porn actor Alexx Desley, although relatively new to gay porn has already notched up work with Hard Brit Lads, Cazzo-Berlin and Treasure Island Media. I caught up with Alexx during a break while filming for UK Hot Jocks.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the gay porn industry?

That’s a nice question. I started because I had grown tired of stereotypical trends in porn. Every time I looked at porn actors, they were big and muscular with a big dick. I am none of those, so my quest was could I make it in porn even if I did not have all of those standards?

I applied to several porn studios and before I knew it, I was flying up and down Europe making porn.

You have a slim physique, with a more mature face. Do you think this is more appealing as a gay porn actor or does it have an adverse effect on the amount of work you do?

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I have noticed that porn studios find it difficult to place me. We are gay, and in porn, there are many boxes. I couldn’t tell you which box I fit into – studios have the same problem.

I am a skin therapist as a day job. My new clients are often in shock when they meet me for the first time. But you should never judge a book by its cover.

You have worked for a variety of gay porn film distributors. Which is your favourite so far and why?

That is a difficult question. I love everything I do – if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it.

I always wanted to do a scene for Cazzo Berlin and this year I did. I am super proud of it and cannot wait for the release.

Treasure Island Media is one of my favourites; they have some material with me that is yet to be released. I would say my best shoot was with Treasure Island media so be patient.

Do you prefer playing roles as a top or a bottom?

I always prefer to work as a top. Because I am a small guy, however, the role of bottom is usually played by me.

I am the worst bottom ever, by the way – I like to fuck. To work as a bottom is a challenge to get the best out of me.

Has gay porn changed since you first entered the industry?

Well there’s one thing I’ve noticed, and it’s strange because I have only done porn a year and a half. When I started, there was still this thing that barebacking is not done. Now almost every studio that said it wasn’t done, now does bareback.

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To clarify, in bareback everyone is tested before the shoot to guarantee each other’s safety. Another thing that changed is that I can now film with actors with a varied HIV status. When I started, I could only do negative guys as my status is negative.

Is there anything you would not do in a scene or film?

I would never do scat movies. I don’t mind water sports, but scat is a bridge to far for me. Besides, I think I would look horrified.

Have you ever turned up for a shoot, and secretly not wanted to work with the other actor/actors involved?

That’s not happened yet. Mostly, I get a request and a model proposal, and then I can decide what I would like to do. And yes, some people are very nice to work with, but some are ideal. In general, there are no dramas. 

Do you have a partner outside of the industry, if so, does it affect your relationship?

Yes, I have a very lovely bear at home, and let us say work is work. When I started this relationship, I was honest about my job in the industry.

I actually asked him not to watch my movies or shows as I didn’t want him getting the wrong impression of who I really am off camera. I even asked if he wanted me to quit.

In my job, I am Alexx in private I am me… Luckily, he is very understanding, therefore it doesn’t affect us at all. We are both very clear and honest with each other.

Has being a gay porn actor affected your family life?

No, not really. I believe if you don’t create a taboo about something, the taboo will not exist. So I never made a fuss about it. Everyone knows what I am doing, and everyone is at peace with my decision to work in porn.

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The only thing I did was change my name out of respect for my family’s name.

Who has been your favourite actor to work with and why?

Oh, that is difficult! I have had the pleasure to work with Saxon West on multiple occasions. He’s a lovely guy and very sexy.

For R18, I did a show with Riley Tess. He was very nice as well. Unfortunately, I have never filmed with Riley, but he is on my wish list.