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So where do I begin when talking about Bianca Gerald? Young, beautiful and extremely talented with a voice that will give you chills within seconds.

Born and brought up in the city of Leeds, if you’re looking for a new and upcoming singer-songwriter with soul, you should definitely check out Bianca Gerald. She truly is something special and has been refining her performance since the age of 11.

The Butterfly (EP) will showcase that she is a force to be reckoned with. A self-penned and self-recorded EP that showcases her passion for music. When listening to the preview we get a very clear insight into her sound and influences. The EP consists of three songs which she states were written ‘during my visit to a place called Rock Bottom.’

Tracks of note are ‘Save Me’, ‘Beautiful Something’ & ‘Open Your Eyes’. ‘Save Me’ had its chance to shine on BBC Radio as part of BBC Introducing West Yorkshire. Since then Bianca has performed as part of the 2012 London Olympics and has garnered a YouTube presence of over 200,000 views, as well as previously being named Urban Voices’ ‘Best Young Voice’.

Influenced by the likes of Lauryn Hill, India Aire and Erykah Badu to name a few, it’s also clear the EP’s title Butterfly is an idea that has influenced her in a variety of forms.

“I have always had an affinity with butterflies, they inspire/amaze/hypnotise me with their elegance and unique colours. Maybe I was one once… maybe I am becoming one.”

Her EP has been described as “heart rendering, inspiring, motivational, atmospheric and therapeutic,” and without the help of a major record label, it will be released at a launch party at The Wardrobe, Leeds on February 23rd. The launch party is Free Entry and all are invited. Turn up and show her your support.

I am very excited to see where the future lies within the music industry for Bianca Gerald.

The Butterfly EP


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