Celebrity Big Brother 17 – Initial Impressions Retrospective

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Almost one month ago we were greeted to 16 new ‘famous’ faces, and as usual Vada delivered our scathing initial reactions.

Below, in time for the finale, we bring you an updated look at the housemates, and see whether our impressions changed or not. Spoiler: they changed A LOT.

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Angie Bowie

What we said

Based PURELY upon the fact that Angie Bowie was once married to the legendary David Bowie, I instantly love her. I’m hoping for lots of stories and tidbits about her time with Bowie, because this is my only interest in her.

Our final impression

Angie Bowie was delightful to watch. She had a no-nonsense attitude and she just told her fellow housemates how it was.

Her rant at Winston, in which she brashly declared he could suck her ‘big one’, was one of the highlights of this series, as was the misunderstanding about which ‘David’ had died. This was one of those moments where you had to question whether you were tripping or ACTUALLY watching real people reacting like this.

I was sad to see Angie go – potential winner here.

Christopher Maloney

What we said

Absolute non-entity with an annoying personality to back it up. Loathe him.

Our final impression

Well, I didn’t loathe him. But I didn’t necessarily like him, either. Aside from throwing up EVERY EPISODE, Christopher was pretty damn boring. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

Daniella Westbrook

What we said

I was expecting to hate Danielle instantly, but so far I’m pleasantly surprised. […] I think she has a vulnerability that’ll help her go far in this competition.

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Let’s just hope that she uses this opportunity wisely to reestablish her fledging career. You go, Daniella!

Our final impression

Daniella has been a true housemate, and a complete surprise. Everybody, myself included, was expecting to see Danielle have a meltdown or 10 due to her shaky history. But thankfully she’s managed to show a new side, and one that the Sunday tabloids won’t be able to exploit.

You go, Daniella! You won’t win, but you’ll make the top 3, I reckon.

Darren Day

What we said

I’m on the fence about Darren. What little I know about him isn’t good, so I think time will tell with him. He’ll either be boring, or lusting over all of the women. I’m guessing the former.

Our final impression

Well, he wasn’t boring, and nor did he lust over all of the women. But he didn’t do much either, except from clash with Tiffany and John.

I’m enjoying his bromance with John, though. I think he’s playing on his past in order to get sympathy, and it isn’t really washing with me. There’s just something about Darren that I don’t like.

David Gest

What we said

If there’s one word to sum up David, it’s zany. And if you want three words, it’d be absolutely fucking crazy.

Our final impression

David was nowhere near as zany as I expected, but he was still brilliant to watch. That bit where he licked cheese from Jeremy’s mouth made me want to throw up, but the mishap in which David was lying in bed with the blanket over his head and everybody thought he was dead was hilarious.

‘Are you dead?’ Jeremy asked. Well obviously not if he’s ALIVE. What a hoot. I was sad to see David walk, too.

Gemma Collins

What we said

Oh, bore off Gemma! You couldn’t hack I’m A Celebrity and I don’t think you’ll hack Big Brother either. I hate TOWIE rejects.

Our final impression

I was VERY surprised by Gemma; I actually love her. She’s lost her chance of winning, though, because of the jarring Gemma / GC personas, but she’s made this series.

Well, she’s one of a handful, but she’s been very enjoyable to watch.

Jeremy McConnell

What we said

Who? Seriously, who? Jeremy is nice to look at (face-wise), but that neck tattoo is disgusting. What the fuck was he thinking?!

Our final impression

I’ve grown to like Jeremy’s tattoos (aside from the neck one, which is still disgusting), but I simply cannot like Jeremy because of his ‘thing’ with Steph. He would have been a completely different housemate without her; he’d have probably been what everybody thought Scotty would be like.

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John Partridge 

What we said

I can see John Partridge getting very annoying very quickly. Before long his nice act will give way to his bitchy side and he’ll become extremely catty.

Our final impression

Well, John certainly got bitchy, but I think he’s starting to pull things around a little. He won’t win, but he’s managed to recapture SOME of his previous charm.

Nominating Darren was a big no-no, though. You don’t do that to your mates.

Jonathan Cheban

What we said

Again, who? A plastic wannabe. Hate him already.

Our final impression

Jonathan didn’t really stay long enough to make much of an impact, but what little impact he did make wasn’t enough to entertain me.

Kristina Rihanoff

What we said

Literally have no idea who this person is and what she is famous for. I think she’ll be boring and will go pretty quickly.

Our final impression

I was right on both counts – Kristina was boring as hell, and she went pretty quickly. Not quickly enough, though.

Megan McKenna

What we said

She’s so far stuck to her promise not to have sex on TV after upsetting her dad. But it was touch and go there for a minute.

Our final impression

Megan’s drunken argument with John and her later rant in the Diary Room was another highlight of this series – off of the back of this alone I wanted her to win. I was sad and surprised when she left. Miss you Megs!

Nancy Dell’Olio

What we said

UTTER babe. Nancy will go far, even if it’s due to her crazy stories.

Our final impression

Well I was very wrong on this one. Nancy wasn’t a babe – she was boring. And she certainly didn’t go far.

Scotty T

What we said

Scotty will win this series, no doubt about it. He’s loud and brash and he’ll flirt with all the lasses.

Our final impression

Scotty T hasn’t been anything like I thought he would be. He hasn’t had sex, he hasn’t really got drunk or naked, and he hasn’t flirted that much. What the fuck happened?

I think he’ll make the top 2, but I don’t want him to win. That crown is reserved for THE queen.

Stephanie Davies

What we said

Based purely upon the speculation about why she was fired from Hollyoaks, I can imagine Stephanie getting drunk all the time and generally having a good time. And why not? She’ll help bring some laughs to the house, I’m sure. I hope so, anyway.

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Our final impression

How wrong was I?! I FUCKING hate Stephanie. With a passion. Like seriously. She has (had?) a boyfriend and yet got into bed with Jeremy every fucking night and has generally shown herself up.

Daniella was right – she’ll never work again. Who would employ her?

The rumours about why she was fired from Hollyoaks are definitely right, I think. I have a horrible suspicion that Steph may win Big Brother, though…

Tiffany Pollard

What we said


Our final impression

OH MY GOD I love Tiffany. She is completely desperate for sex and her frank discussions about sex and dick and coming is making this series for me. She’s gagging for it. And she’s absolutely hilarious!

I’ve said it already, but the misunderstanding about David was the highlight of this series – hell, it was one of the best Big Brother moments ever. QUEEN Tiff to win. Please.

Bow for the HBIC.

 Remember when Winston got in hot water for his homophobic comments? Union J’s Jaymi Henley even spoke exclusively to Vada Magazine in response.

Winston McKenzie

What we said

Eugh! I hate Winston and his archaic homophobic comments. No, you won’t have to stand with your back to the wall because no self respecting gay man would fuck you, Winston. Utter moron.

Don’t worry about being bummed, because if it’s a toss up between you and Scotty T, I think 100% of gay men would pick Scotty. First to go, please, but only after John Partridge has torn him to shreds. They’re definitely gonna clash.

Our final impression

Winston. Where do I even start?

His homophobic comments were disgusting to watch, but it was refreshingly nice to see all of the housemates band together to tell him how wrong he was.

Emma Willis and Rylan Clarke were fantastic in his eviction interviews – you could tell that Emma was trying very hard not to slap that fucker down.

And Rylan asking if it’s okay for him to adopt? Yes it’s fucking okay! You’d make a much better father than Winston, I think. Disgusting man.

Who will win Celebrity Big Brother 17?

I’m predicting Tiffany Pollard. Sorry. QUEEN Tiffany Pollard. She has just slayed the house.

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