We’re Glad Deap Vally Survived The Apopcalypse

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In 2013, a duo came to surface without whisper or hushed conversation of hype, but rather a screeching guitar note. Deap Vally were born.

Background History:

With a sound as filthy and grungy as Deap Vally’s, you would imagine that they met in some dark basement party on the wrong side of LA, where after copious amounts of drugs and alcohol they began to jam out a Led Zepplin cover. This was not the case. Julie Edwards and Lindsay Troy met at a crochet class, where Edwards shared her needle technique and the girls bonded over their love of the blues; perhaps not quite as rock ‘n’ roll as you’d imagine, but every band has to meet somewhere.

deap vally

Artist Profile:

In July 2012, the girls released their first single ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ which was received extremely positively on both sides of the Atlantic. It earned them places at Latitude, Reading & Leeds festival. Later in the year ‘End of the World’ was named Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World and the band performed a set from Maida Vale studios as part of Radio 1 Rocks week. They then landed a coveted role supporting The Vaccines on their UK tour and the incredible opportunity to support Muse at their date in Helsinki.

deap vally

2013 & Their Survival:

Julie & Lindsay had released a substantial body of preceding work to earn them a place at Glastonbury, performing a day before the release of ‘Sistrionix’ in the UK. The set was electric, featuring fan favourites such as ‘Lies’ merged with the opportunity to showcase some album tracks which were supported by a blues choir; the entire show culminated in a blistering drum solo and a stage dive from Lindsay.

With everyone talking about the deep South divas’ performance, the album came at the perfect time. A blistering collection of pure and visceral blues rock tracks with a sex laden vocal and a wit so sharp it could cut glass. ‘Baby I Call Hell’ is a comedic jibe at an ex whilst ‘Creeplife’ is a full frontal attack on the pervy older guys who hang around in the shadows of clubs; all of these songs are wrapped in the same aggressive, snarling package of frantic drums and unforgiving guitar.

The ingenious thing Deap Vally have managed to achieve amongst the chaotic atmosphere of ‘Sistrionix’ is to create modern day feminist anthems. Fuck off P!nk with your ‘So What?’, I don’t give a shit if you can roar Kazza P… Deap Vally are making light of the ‘Walk of Shame’ in an incredible 1 minute and 50 seconds of biting choruses, killer hooks and so much blues guitar you feel like the track could fall apart under its own magnitude at any second. ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ is a letter to an overbearing father written in blood and set on fire as Lindsay croons ‘I’m gonna buy my own land!’.

This duo have created a reputation as a forward thinking, raw, sexy as hell face for a new wave of female rock and I believe they have the talent, personality and drive to succeed in a male dominated world. They have backing from critics and an ever expanding fanbase, I would highly recommend catching a show on their upcoming tour.

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