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The second trailer for the upcoming ninth series of Doctor Who has been released – and it shows that fans are in for a rollicking ride. Expanding on what was teased in the first trailer, we are given glimpses of several new (and old) foes, and speculation is already rampant.

Below we breakdown the newest Doctor Who trailer, and posit what it could mean for series nine.

Robots & Vikings


We are given a full glimpse of this officially announced robotic monster and I am still not impressed with what I am seeing. These metallic beasts appear in a two-parter already brimming with the enigma that is Maisie Williams’ character, Vikings, and a fire-breathing feline, so hopefully they won’t be the primary focus.

I do hope they aren’t here for comic effect (like the robots of ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’) and actually have some importance to the overall story, but for now, I’m not holding my breath.


Seemingly confirming my previous suspicions, however, is the fact that the robots appear to have coupled up with some form of space-Viking. The Viking has a futuristic eyepatch, suggesting that it isn’t a Viking of the past, so maybe we will be visiting a reemergence of the Vikings, similar to the New Roman Empire mentioned in the first series of the revival.

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A hug for the Doctor 


The parting shot of the second trailer shows Clara once more embracing the Doctor. Hopefully this means that their relationship has indeed mellowed, and that the Doctor is more welcoming of Clara’s friendly advances. He at least appears not to be throwing her away this time.

Maisie Williams and… a dragon? 


The first of our two new glimpses of Maisie Williams’ enigmatic character shows her in Viking garb – or at least from that era, whilst we have already seen her dressed like a highwayman, something which began in Britain during the Elizabethan era. Surely this means that Maisie is playing the same character in two distinct time periods, suggesting that she is playing a time traveller? Are we about to meet a new Time Lady?


When we next see her Maisie is once more dressed like a highwayman, and it standing beside a feline creature who is peering out of a carriage. We’ve met the Catkind before, but I doubt this is of the same race…


… Especially given that the same unknown creature later belches fire. ‘The Girl Who Died’ and ‘The Woman Who Lived’ are certainly going to be some eclectic episodes!



Now this is pure speculation on my behalf once more, but I simply don’t know where else the serpentine creature could fit in.

The trailer shows the now-customary snarl of the Zygons, in a glorious closeup that shows how beautiful the prosthetic of the Zygon really is.


Not a great deal is known about the Zygons two-parter, so I am going to posit the idea that the serpentine monster shown here (seriously, this is some ropey CGI) may in fact be a Skarasen – a reptilian cyborg which the Zygons have previously used when they were stranded in Scotland. Speculation, and hope, but I really have no idea how else this creature will play into the upcoming run of episodes.

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The all-seeing hand


The last trailer showed maimed hands reaching from a muddy ground and I posited the theory that the dead were rising once more.

But now that doesn’t seem likely. The hands have eyes, suggesting that they belong to an alien race. But other than that, I am still clueless.



We are afforded a quick glimpse of the returning Jovian Wade as Rigsy. Other than the fact that this story is set in the present day, nothing else is known. Rigsy looks petrified though.

Badass Clara


Clara dons a dark suit and rides a motorcycle, before taking up a rocket launcher! Again, I have no idea how this will come into play, but it is tantalising to see. I have a feeling this will happen in episode 11, which has already been filmed. If this is true, it suggests that at least some part of the finale two-parter will happen in the present day.

The Daleks & Missy


Much like the previous trailer, it is the Daleks and Missy that form the main talking point. Here it is confirmed that the rounded city is indeed under the control of the Daleks (whether that is on Skaro, adding credence to the popular theory that the Doctor will encounter a younger Davros, or on another planet, remains to be seen) as hundreds of Daleks rise ominously over the city.


Next up is a wider shot of the two eras of Daleks. We have the Daleks from the 60s alongside Dalek Sec (or at least another black Dalek), the Time War Daleks and the Supreme Dalek, all of which suggests we may be revisiting the Parliament of the Daleks, as last seen in ‘Asylum of the Daleks’.

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It’s interesting to note that Clara and the TARDIS are in attendance, but the Doctor mysteriously is missing…


Excitingly, we also see Missy alongside the Daleks! Whilst it appears as though she is being exterminated, I sincerely doubt it. She’s only just reappeared!

Whether she is teaming up with them (like she did with the Cybermen) or battling them alongside the Doctor remains to be seen, but the previous trailer showed Clara and Missy on a Dalek battlefield, which certainly suggests the latter. Either way, it’s exciting to see Missy and the Daleks together.

A Vervoid?


Again, this one is pure speculation, but we are given a much better glimpse at the monster who tries to ‘kiss’ the Doctor in the previous trailer, and we can see that it has an opening for a mouth, organic thorny arms, and a shell-like husk protecting its head.

To me, it has a distinct look of the Vervoid about it – a race previously encountered by the Sixth Doctor. We haven’t had a new returning race since 2013, so this could be the next classic-era monster to pop up.


As ever, let us know what you think. Check out the trailer below.

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