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Having just bagged herself a Brit Award for her collaboration with Rudimental on the #1 hit “Waiting All Night“, Ella Eyre is on the brink of stardom. Originally set to play The Exchange, ticket demand was so high that Eyre upgraded venues to the iconic Thekla for the Bristol date of her first sell out headline UK tour. Her debut EP, Deeper, is a smooth and sexy Motown garage pop soul hybrid which is complimented perfectly by her sassy, gravelly, effortless vocals. After an awkward visit to the doctor who turned out to be a Mum from my nursery, I fled to the moored boat and found my regular place at the bar to wait for the diva herself.

20:42 AN OLDER AUDIENCE finally.
20:43 Two questionable gentlemen just offered me a Hooch and a chat. Is it that kind of audience?
20:45 Every withered bastard in this place is having a strawberry Brothers. Sticking out like a sore thumb with my vodka lime & soda.
20:46 CHRIST just clocked her backdrop. I’ll never get bored of that lioness.
20:47 Only problem with this older audience is the lost sentiment of personal space. Especially for this Guinness fiend in front of me.
20:50 Barmaid has just spilt an entire pint over myself and an unwitting (albeit beautiful) woman. We’re making eye contact and laughing about it. She’s doing well. Am I straight?
20:51 She’s left and I’m here, damp and brokenhearted.
20:53 The lights are down. This feels bigger than it should be.
20:54 THAT HAIR!
20:55Don’t Follow Me” It’s catchy and rocky and poppy and sassy. She doesn’t sound real. Is this her first single? #research
20:57 “It’s a bit weird to be on a boat. Do you guys like it here?”
20:58Typical Me” This sounds like Ashlee Simpson with urban balls which, as we all know, is wonderful.
20:59 Guinness Guy is asking if he’s in the way. Never met a more considerate drunk. Tears in my eyes.
21:01Deeper” now. This is really sexy considering it’s a song about not loving someone back. She is smashing the chorus though.
21:05 “This is a small room with loads of us in. Let’s get the energy up Bristol!” Now she’s tutoring us on the chorus of her next song. Think it’ll be a singalong.
21:07 It’s a singalong.
21:07 We’re dancing and jumping and shouting words back at her. “Worry ‘Bout Me“. She sounds deliciously Winehouse in this one.
21:10Love Me Like You“. This is the main reason I’m here. Her best song.
21:12 Upsettingly good, seriously. Everyone is mesmerised.
21:14 That was four minutes of perfection. She’s doing a cover next apparently. Buckle up.
21:14Good Luck” by Basement Jaxx. It’s good. She’s done well to choose this, well suited.
21:17 It’s still good.
21:17 Guinness Guy is talking to me. I can’t hear him so I’m nodding and pretending to text. He’s not stopping. I wish he would stop.
21:18 Ella is waving to some boarding school friends in the audience now. This next song is about her time there and missing her family. Every emotional singer songwriter needs a song called “Home” about being a closet emo and this is no different. Her voice is huge but really emotive and adaptable.
21:23 It was so good I forgot to “review”. The hooks were pop gold though.
21:24 Eyre’s invited one of her supports onto stage to sing her favourite song of his which wasn’t on his setlist. Nice touch girl.
21:26 It’s called “Long Road” and has this wonderful electric and bouncy hoedown vibe which we’re all basking in.
21:28 “Big thanks to some special guys for this collaboration. It went to number one so sing along if you know it.”
21:30 Fucking hell, this is lively. Don’t come a-knockin’ when the boat is a-rockin’. Strobes and moshing and screaming.
21:33 “Thank you so much for being here with Bristol. This is my last song. It’s called “If I Go” and it’s my debut single.” I reckon this might be her first single then. It’s got Eyre written all over it. Smooth and silky with ballsy sass and her husky tones. Big pop moments, great harmonies, soulful and a future big hit. I want this song to be out now and I want this gig to last forever.
21:37 She’s gone and we’re all just stood here like “Jesus, that was good wasn’t it?”
21:41 If you were wondering, Guinness Guy is called Rich. Coincidentally, that’s my boyfriend’s name too. I’m not telling him that right now – he either wants to shag, eat or murder me. I can’t tell yet.
21:42 “Fuck me, Rich and Mitch! That’s funny mate” I’m trying my hardest to pretend I’ve not heard that 295703968 times before. “You’re the strong silent type aren’t you? Hard to get. I like that.”
21:42 He’s touching my leg.
21:42 Turns out it really is that type of gig.
21:43 I’ve made small talk with the merch woman and shelled out £15 for a lioness top that’s too small and cost about £1.49 to make. It’s nice though. Eyre was top notch and she can use that money to maintain her hair. MANEtain it. Glad I wrote that one down. You’re welcome.

Ella Eyre is a tiny little 19 year old but she has talent and drive by the bucketload. Her inspirations and influences span genres and eras but her sound is bold, exciting and unique.  Her live show is energetic and enthralling, based around a real passion and love for music and performing. She came across as genuinely humble and grateful, excited to share her new experiences with the venues that she’s visiting.

We witnessed the start of something great that night. Eyre’s sell out tour finished a few days ago and the next time she comes around, she won’t be playing to 500 people for £8 a ticket. 2014 looks golden for her. A breath of fresh Eyre.

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