Family threatened for displaying a rainbow pride flag

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It seems that supporting gay rights has caused problems for one family in Quebec as they received an anonymous threat saying there would be consequences if they did not take down their rainbow flag.

The family, who have asked to remain anonymous, received the letter in French which which included the following troubling message:

‘For your sake please remove the homosexual flag immediately, as soon as you receive this letter.’

It went on to say, ‘We don’t want your kind of person in our neighbourhood. Shut up and you will be spared and you can continue to your abominable life without prejudice. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences of your actions.’

The note was sent to the family who live in the city of Longueuil in Quebec, where local police advised them they could do nothing as the letter had been sent to them anonymously. However the note has since attracted a great deal of attention on social media, forcing the department to open a full investigation into the threat.

We have provided a picture of the threatening letter below.

Quebec - Pic 1

Does it still amaze you we are hearing news like this in 2014? Do you think Police should have opened an investigation immediately – prior to pressure from the public on social media? Tell us your feelings in the comments below.

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