Film review: Camp It Up – Camp Takota

Daniel Wren

So Camp Takota came out on Valentine’s Day. It’s a film made by a bunch of YouTubers (including my favourite, it’sGrace) and has been available to preorder for what feels like an age. It has now FINALLY been released online.

In itself, it is quite an accomplishment for 3 people who make little videos to manage to create something as huge as a film and release it themselves. What’s more is that it genuinely is a wonderful film.

Given, it’s not the most original of storyline, nor is it anything overly exciting, but it’s got a real heart and humour to it. I’m not sure whether it’s from watching them weekly (or daily), but the characters feel like real friends and their personalities onscreen feel so welcoming. If it’s not from watching them so often then it’s from the bluntness and openness of their humour, ranging from jokes on wetting the bed or sitting on top of a washing machine while watching, erm, ‘hot’, men outside.

It also made me cry like a baby. There seemed to be far too many feelings going on for me, and while I found it hilarious, I cried a good four times. Even without me being a pussy, I still think the ending was moving enough for some people to shed a tear or two.

I brought my friend round to get a second opinion so this wasn’t a total fanboy review. They er, didn’t enjoy it as much as me: “what did you think of the film?” “shit.” Well, okay.

His particular issue was with the originality of the film. I’ll agree that It is an extremely predictable and overdone storyline. From within the first ten minutes, you could probably guess correctly the rest of the film. What I enjoyed though was that it felt it was an upgrade for the YouTube/Twitter/Tumblr generation without sounding like parents trying to be hip n happenin’. It was created by the YouTube generation for the YouTube generation.

He also thought it could’ve been funnier, but I suppose different strokes for different folks (aka he’s got no sense of humour). We agree that the acting was brilliant and the characters rounded out really well, so that’s something.

I feel most flaws can be forgiven due to it being a debut film for the creators, a limited budget and atypical form of release. For what it is and how it came about, it works amazingly well.

Overall though, I LOVED IT. It’s not going to win any Oscars but it’s a cute little film that’s so easy to just watch over and over. I’ve already watched it a good three or so times and plan to replay it before going to sleep. I also think everyone should go over to now and order it.


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