Fitter Confident You – the 12 week programme for gay men

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Fitter Confident You is a new 12 week, holistic fitness programme aimed at supporting gay men achieve their goals. It is designed by the handsome Matt Boyles, an active member of the community.

Matt Boyles’ mission in life is to be the gay Joe Wicks (for the gay community), and has better coiffed hair – sorry Joe. Matt caught the fitness bug when he discovered cross-country aged 16, and since then completed in marathons, triathlons, and has been a personal trainer for over 4 years.

Matt currently offers face-to-face personal training (PT) sessions, runs a silent disco bootcamp, and offers a 6-week, online PT programme Fitter You. His new online product, Fitter Confident You runs for 12 weeks and offers more than just twice the duration.

Fitter Confident You includes:

  • 12 weeks of fitness / workouts, provided in 4 week phases
  • A nutrition plan, which Matt monitors
  • Access to a Facebook group for online support
  • A weekly confidence challenge
  • Daily meditation exercises
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Once signed-up, (the Fitter Confident) you will receive a personalised nutrition plan, which will be reviewed for the second six weeks for any changes that may need to be needed. You’ll also receive an updated and zhuzzed up version of Matt’s Meditation Guide, requiring just five minutes per day.

On top of this, to really help us become more confident, there is a weekly email with a difference confidence-boosting challenge. Finally, as a Fitter Confident You gay, there are weekly check-ins with Matt. This can either be a pre-booked call, or an email you send to him with your updated progress, stats and any questions you need answered about the programme. There’s no face-to-face contact time as part of this programme, but his inbox is always open.

How much does the Fitter Confident You programme cost?

The cost will be £50 per week (so £600 for the full 12 weeks), and we’re informed there is an option for upfront purchase of £500 (so a 16% discount).

How do I sign up?

Visit to book an initial assessment with Matt, and provide all the necessary details. Once that’s done, Matt produces the customised 12 week programme. This arrives as four weeks of workouts up front, then phase 2 and 3 will drop with each month, along with nutrition plan, meditation guide and the weekly challenges.

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