FKA twigs – Artist Review

If you know anything about the musical prodigy FKA twigs, you’ll already have the notion that she’s not just any ordinary songstress; bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of musical representation, FKA twigs is by all means an audiovisual artist.

Going back all the way to 2012 with the release of her first EP, EP1, her means of visual and audio music performance makes for a beautiful blend, crafting four different episodes into a mini-like story.

The good thing about audiovisual artists is that everyone involved can see and experience something completely different. Three questions I believe one should keep in mind after taking in any artist’s work such as FKA twigs: what do you see, feel, and understand?

Following her edgy and obscure start into the music industry with EP1, her second EP, EP2 is immensely more coherent.

The aesthetic and audio experience of this EP is everything anyone could want. From the dark and sexualized conception of the first music video for ‘Papi Pacify’ with ethereal lyrics, ‘Mmm, baby pacify…pacify our love. Won’t you clarify, clarify it hurts?’ — to the strange, yet gorgeous graphics of ‘How’s That’… I’m completely in love.

I was first introduced to FKA twigs following the recent release of her first album, LP1. I do have to say her debut is a grower, but by far, definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. Her sound and vision is unlike anyone out there.

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My favorite track on the work is ‘Pendulum’ — from the first listen, I was immediately hooked. The fleeting 360-degree kicks in the background combined with FKA’s high-pitched harmonized vocals gets me every time!

Give FKA twigs a listen; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Check out ‘LP1’ on iTunes here.