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Ian McKellen is a mainstay of the silver screen and one of our favourite out and proud actors. But aside from his fantastic acting abilities it seems McKellen is swiftly becoming something of a matchmaker himself as he helped one man propose to his boyfriend via YouTube.

Brett Lotriett Best used this unconventional yet adorable proposition on YouTube to ask his boyfriend Khalid Sawa to marry him, combining home videos, signage and a celebrity cameo to boot. It simply has to be seen to be believed so prepare to watch and say awh!

Fans of the actor will remember that the 75-year old also officiated the marriage of his dear friend and co-star Patrick Stewart with his new wife Sunny Ozell.

Moreover McKellen had also presided over a another two men’s union, stating on The Jonathan Ross Show ‘I’ve done it once before with two guys having a civil partnership…I was crying my eyes out.’

So is McKellen slowly giving Cupid a run for his money as he brings people together. With gay marriage now legal in the UK we have to wonder if perhaps a career change might be on the way. After all who wouldn’t want to be married by this amazing man?!

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