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Kristian Brennan

It was an extremely busy and energetic Friday night in London, with crowds of people racing in-and-out of the tube station, ready for a night of frolics and adventure.

I arrived at Milk & Honey, a lavish London bar in Soho. I was there to interview the sought-after adult performer Kayden Gray. Prior to our interview, I’d assumed he would be cool and distant, however I was pleasantly surprised after meeting him. Kayden is cheerful, charming and actually quite ‘normal’ – considering he works in the explicit sex industry. When you meet him, you get a clearer insight into the nature of his soaring popularity – it’s no wonder he has over 41,000 followers on Twitter.

The Polish-born-and-bred porn star has made quite an impressive name for himself since his debut in 2013. Kayden seems to be everywhere in the adult industry. This is probably inevitable when you’re an incredibly good looking man with a very impressive manhood. He has worked with leading directors and top porn stars including Paddy O’Brian and Lucio Saints, as well as being nominated for Hottest Porn and Best British Stud at the Prowler Porn Awards 2014 – a prodigious achievement for somebody aged only 30.

So what was my main reason for interviewing Kayden Gray, you ask? Well I wanted to look in depth at love and relationships, particularly for somebody working in the adult performance industry. I wanted to find out whether or not somebody who essentially has sex on camera with multiple men has the same relationship problems as, say, a doctor or retail manager. As I delved deep into the subject, asking Kayden the critical questions we all want to know, I also uncovered some scintillating secrets, as he audaciously admitted to some raunchy antics off-camera too!

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Kristian: Hello, Kayden. Congratulations on all your success. Can you tell us how you started working in the Adult Entertainment industry?

Thank you. I was initially approached by one of the British studios, but it quickly became apparent I wasn’t ready to actually star in adult movies. It took me about six months to make the decision and in December 2012 I applied for Lucas Entertainment, who I shot my first scene with a couple months later. Then shoots with, Tim Tales and UK Hot Jocks followed. I was lucky to shoot with big names at the very start.

Would you say being a porn star has helped or hindered when it comes to dating?

It has certainly increased my popularity. I’ve only had one relationship since I started performing in porn. Relationships are generally rarely easy, and that’s the case whatever it is you do. I’d definitely say porn added additional complications to an already difficult situation. But I know people for whom it doesn’t seem to complicate anything.

So would you date a fellow porn star?

Possibly. To say yes or no would be a case of generalisation or stereotyping and I try to avoid that.

Does the stigma attached to porn stars affect you in social situations, for example in bars and clubs?

It used to affect me more. It still could, I guess, as people react to the fact I do porn in a variety of ways. But I’ve had some time to learn how to deal with it so it doesn’t affect me much any more. Once something’s been said a thousand times, you kind of don’t hear it anymore.

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Would you ultimately give up porn if a partner asked you to?

At the moment my career goes way before the idea of having a partner. When I meet someone I care about enough I’ll think about it. But it is possible that I would quit and likely that I wouldn’t have to be asked to do so. I’ve had a pretty great career and would have to be very secure in that relationship to consider giving it up.

How do you prepare yourself for an upcoming shoot?

Before a shoot I make sure I’ve worked out, that my skin is clear, that my hair is cut and styled, and that my nails are short and clean. All that so I feel confident. I take care of those things on a regular basis, of course, but I take extra care when I know I have a performance coming. There is an element of pressure when it comes to shooting so I also try to have as much sleep as I can the night before so that it doesn’t get to me. A lot of models ‘save up cum’ for the day. I usually do too, but sometimes I can’t seem to be able to do that – kind of a forbidden fruit situation there. I arrive at a shoot fresh, clean and always sober – ready to make magic!

How do you keep your sex life exciting?

I let my inhibitions fall away and introduce things that fascinate me.

So tell us… What is your favourite sexual position?

I don’t have one. I like to fall into them spontaneously.

Where is the craziest place you’ve had a sexual encounter?

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In a car on the motorway at 100mph… With the driver!

What are your future aspirations?

I would like to have my own studio in a couple of years and shoot my own material. In the meantime, I’m planning to gather the experience and funds that will help me achieve that goal.


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