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Vada Magazine got to catch up with Lucy Spraggan on the heels of her new EP and ahead of a hectic summer of festivals.

A lot has happened since you appeared on The X Factor, what have been your journey highlights thus far?

Gathering such a loyal and lovely has been my favourite part; it’s so amazing to meet so many brilliant people and see so many beutiful places whilst doing what I love.

You’ve been on a sell out tour recently, which stop was your favourite and why?

I could never truly let on which was my favourite! Venues and audiences have highlights from each show that are alwayw so different. Its so hard to pick them apart and say which is best. They were all great.

You’re playing quite a few festivals this summer, including Down to the Woods – do you ever get nervous before performing?

I do. When it’s a festival I haven’t played before it can be scary, you never know how the audience will be. It’s always lovely seeing people I’ve seen before at festivals in the crowd.

You’re a wonderful guitarist – do you play any other instruments or would you be interested in learning any?

Thank you! I’m actually learning the trumpet at the moment – I can play Katy Perry – Roar and jingle bells . . . I play a spot of piano and bass, but I could be a lot better!

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Your new EP Home is out now, what inspired it?

It was actually a collection of songs kind of ‘left over’ from my three records. Songs that never made the cut, I suppose. So, while writing for this next record I decided to chuck it out there.

Do you have any advice for aspiring acoustic artists?

I’d say just keep on writing. Don’t ever lose that creativity that sparks you. It can be really easy to lose that motivation when things get tough, so keep on keeping on.

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