Jamaican police officer praised for protecting gay man

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A police officer who protected a gay man from being attacked by an angry mob is being praised for protecting LGBT citizens, according to Loop News Jamaica.

Sergeant Robert Cameron was on duty when three gay men were attacked by a group of local community members. One of the men, known as ‘Sky’, ran into a parking lot, where he was followed by the mob, which was preparing to beat him. Sergeant Cameron followed the mob on his motorcycle and stopped them from attacking Sky.

We here at Vada have previously reported on the rampant homophobia and transphobia that LGBT Jamaicans have experienced, particularly at the hands of police officers. Cameron’s actions are notable given the numerous claims of harassment or apathy LGBT Jamaicans have experienced at the hands of police officers.

Cameron told Loop News, ‘I was just doing my job. It is nothing special. My duty is to protect and serve and that is what I signed up for. I would do it again.’

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