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Sean Ward
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After the momentous announcement of Kate Bush’s return to live performance after an incredible thirty five years, a number of us at Vada have been speculating over the relevance of the posters and title so we want to share our dream set lists with you ahead of the ticket release tomorrow and we would love to hear yours too.

Roy Ward

My dream Kate Bush live setlist will, I hope, not be a dream. The promo picture for the shows has Kate floating at sea in a lifejacket – it’s almost identical to the photograph used for Hounds of Love‘s B-side suite of tracks, ‘The Ninth Wave’, a moving and engaging concept piece about a woman lost at sea. The full set of seven songs from ‘The Ninth Wave’ would make an absolutely stellar return to the stage for an absolutely stellar performer. Similarly, the title for these shows, ‘Before the Dawn’, seems potentially reminiscent of the theme of Kate’s other concept piece, ‘A Sky of Honey’ from 2005’s Aerial. It’s chilled out and beautiful, and would close the shows in absolutely amazing fashion. And, of course, sandwiched in between, a selection of her most popular tunes wouldn’t go amiss. Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m incredibly excited for these shows. You betta werk, Kate Bush.

The Ninth Wave
1. And Dream Of Sheep
2. Under Ice
3. Waking The Witch
4. Watching You Without Me
5. Jig Of Life
6. Hello Earth
7. The Morning Fog
8. Running Up That Hill
9. This Woman’s Work
10. Babooshka
11. Wuthering Heights
12. Wow
13. A Sky Of Honey

Sean Ward

I’m hoping for a setlist that takes a selection from Kate’s impressive spanning discography including tracks that have real live potential. The thoughts of seeing iconic works such as ‘Babooshka’ and ‘This Woman’s Work’ give me goose bumps already so hopefully Kate will choose some of these much adored gems. My opening choice is ‘The Sensual World’ mainly due the delicate church bells intro which echoing around the Apollo would be an incredibly beautiful beginning to this special tour.

1. The Sensual World
2. The Man With The Child in His Eyes
3. Cloudbusting
4. Breathing
5. Babooshka
6. There Goes a Tenner
7. The Dreaming
8. Army Dreamers
9. The Red Shoes
10. Under The Ivy
11. This Woman’s Work
12. Hounds of Love
13. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
The Ninth Wave
14. And Dream of Sheep
15. Under Ice
16. Jig of Life
17. Hello Earth
18. Wow
19. Wuthering Heights
20. Nocturn/Aerial

Stephen Salt

For me, a dream set list for Kate Bush would include a number of her biggest hits and album tracks from the late 70s and mid 80s, including of course ‘Wuthering Heights’ as well as tracks from Never For Ever and The Sensual World that have never been performed live. I would like particular attention to the underrated Directors Cut as well as comeback album Aerial. After teasing a portion of the show to be around ‘The Ninth Wave’ it would be brilliant for the whole of side 2 from Hounds of Love to be performed in full.

1. Moving
2. Symphony in Blue
3. Running Up That Hill
4. Delius (Song For Summer)
5. Deeper Understanding
6. Man With the Child in his Eyes
7. Flower of the Mountain
8. Cloudbusting
9. This Woman’s Work
10. And Dream of Sheep
11. Under Ice
12. Waking The Witch
13. Watching You Without Me
14. Jig of Life
15. Hello Earth
16. The Morning Fog
17. Wuthering Heights
18. Nocturn
19. Aerial
20. Wild Man

Joni Wright

If the setlist features anything from Kate’s 1985 album Hounds of Love, I’ll go coo coo bananas. The entire album offers a fantastical, undulating, and trance-like dreamscape, offering a rich, colourful, and hypnotic panorama of musical traditions, from the mystical “Running Up That Hill”, to the folksy “Jig Of Life”, to the blood pumping “Hounds of Love”. But that said, I’d also be thrilled with much of Never For Ever. I hope to see on the tour a performance as wildly undulating and lively as her albums, hopefully featuring:

1. Night Scented Stock
2. Army Dreamers
3. Cloudbusting
4. Breathing
5. Hounds of Love
6. The Man With a Child in His Eyes
7. The Wedding List
8. The Dreaming
9. There Goes A Tenner
10. This Woman’s Work
11. Waking the Witch
12. The Fog
13. Wow
14. The Big Sky
15. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
16. Delius
17. The Infant Kiss
18. Snowflake
19. Wuthering Heights
20. Babooshka

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