We’re Glad Katy Perry Survived The Apopcalypse

James Dix

Katy Perry is a fighter, “dancing through the fire” and out of the depths of a vast Apopcalypse. A challenge, like that faced by no female artist before her, has fallen upon Perry. She must out-do the near impossible task of her last album Teenage Dream. We’re glad Katy Perry survived the Apopcalypse, well, most of us (read: Goddamnit Katy Perry)

Background History:

The enormity of the album can be quantified by the success of five number one songs in the Billboard Hot 100. Who else managed that? Michael Jackson with Bad.You may think, okay so that is just America, us British are not quite so mad on Katy Perry are we?  You would be wrong, we went and made the album go three times platinum. With a total of eight singles from the standard and The Complete Confection edition, Perry dominated our singles chart for two years.

We will never forget the video for ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)’, Darren Criss was as beautiful as ever.

Artist Profile:

Perry got married, divorced and made a movie amidst all the success and started recording her new album, Prism, back in 2012. A year later and we were treated to ‘Roar’. Straight to number one, the first song of the album brought the fun of ‘California Gurls’ and mixed it with the empowerment of ‘Firework’, forming the ultimate Katy Perry track.

2013 & Her Survival: 

In September we got our next preview of what to expect from the album with ‘Dark Horse’ featuring Juicy J. It is not unusual to get a rapper and a white female vocalist, but what is unusual is the crazy beat it has underneath the track. The magic references in the lyrics are mesmerisingly fantastic. The rest of the album has a lot of positives. Perry is down as a co-writer on every song, something to be admired for such a popular artist. Prism is full of ballads, the raw truth of Perry is present throughout. Vulnerable vocals contrast the brave ‘Roar’. A spiritual vibe is given off throughout the album, Perry is transgressing back to her spiritual roots to draw a powerful sound.

Gays wave your flag for ‘Double Rainbow’, big up gay pride, this one is for all you LGBTQ. The lyrics include: “two of us together make everything glitter”, even though the subject matter is about a heterosexual relationship, we can pretend. Perry’s second single is ‘Unconditionally’ and it is a beautiful song of pure love between people that is non-sexual; “Love that is non-sexual?!?!” I hear you cry, yes it is the love between siblings or a mother to her new-born. Unconditional love is what we want when we come out of the closet. This song is the true gay anthem on this album.

Katy Perry your Prism sends out a refraction of beautiful rainbows over the gay nation and we are blessed by your survival of the Apopcalypse. If you still want more from Perry, there will be a deluxe edition of the album with three more songs, plus the unreleased track “Brick by Brick“. Although John Mayer is not on this album, he does co-write deluxe track ‘Spiritual’ and you can find Perry on Mayer’s album Paradise Valley.

Prism is out October 21st 2013 in the United Kingdom.

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